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Archtectural Services

Every organization requires an eye on the ball while spending on IT or information overload can force you into making erroneous decisions. This process has gained importance with IT commanding a large budget in most organizations and can be achieved only if all decisions are tied back to the business strategy of the organization.

Enterprise Architecture can serve as the base methodology to ensure that organizations maximize their investments. Our approach to Enterprise Architecture involves a business (process) driven perspective to all IT initiatives.

We evaluate the existing infrastructure and your future direction to provide a robust, scalable and standards compliant enterprise architecture catering to your need as an agile and changing enterprise. We can manage the transition of your existing applications to align to your enterprise architectural vision in an incremental and controlled manner. We evaluate the existing model and determine the transition paths to deliver the envisioned architecture.

As part of the architecture evaluation we capture the existing architecture information against a set of identified parameters. These parameters represent the capability of the architecture to be scaled, integrated, maintained, extended, secured, reused and relied upon. We evaluate each enterprise parameter against industry benchmarks to determine the current health of the architecture. We evaluate the Business, Data, Application and Technology architecture of an enterprise.

The new business, data, application and technology architecture is defined taking into consideration the architectural principles and requirements identified during the architecture evaluation phase. We perform a gap analysis on the existing architecture and define the to-be architecture model.