A Comprehensive Guide for Migrating SAP HCM to SuccessFactors

A Comprehensive Guide for Migrating SAP HCM to SuccessFactors
  • May 14, 2024
  • Mohammed Nadeem Uddin
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Published On May 14, 2024

Migrating from SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) to SuccessFactors is a significant undertaking that can bring numerous benefits to your organization. SuccessFactors, a cloud-based HCM suite from SAP, offers enhanced capabilities and agility, improving efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced scalability, and compliance with regulatory requirements. A comprehensive SAP cloud migration strategy streamlines the transition to cloud-based solutions like SuccessFactors. It ensures long-term benefits for your organization, leveraging scalable infrastructure, automatic updates, and enhanced security measures.

A successful SAP cloud migration strategy involves a comprehensive approach that includes assessment, planning, execution, and optimization. Begin by thoroughly evaluating your current SAP landscape, including systems, processes, and data. Identify the objectives of the migration, whether it’s to improve agility, reduce costs, or enhance scalability. Develop a detailed migration plan that outlines timelines, resource requirements, and risk mitigation strategies. Consider data migration, system configuration, integration with other cloud services, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Execute the migration in phases, starting with less critical systems to gain experience and confidence before migrating mission-critical applications. Throughout the migration process, prioritize communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including IT teams, business leaders, and end-users. After the migration, continuously monitor and optimize the cloud environment to ensure it meets the organization’s evolving needs.

SAP Migration to the Cloud

Here’s a step-by-step overview for migrating SAP HCM to SuccessFactors

Assessment and Planning

Begin by assessing your current SAP HCM system, including its configurations, customizations, data structure, and integrations. Identify the gaps between your current system and the capabilities offered by SuccessFactors. Create a detailed migration plan, including timelines, resources, and budget.

Data Migration

Data migration is an important aspect of the migration process. Identify the data you need to migrate, including employee records, organizational structures, compensation data, and historical information. Cleanse and prepare the data to ensure accuracy and integrity. Depending on the complexity, you may use tools provided by SAP or third-party vendors to facilitate SAP data migration.

Configuration and Customization

Configure SuccessFactors according to your organization’s requirements. This involves setting up modules such as Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Learning, and others. Customize the system to align with your organization’s processes and policies. You may need to modify workflows, forms, and reports to meet your needs.


Integrate SuccessFactors with other systems within your organization’s landscape, such as payroll systems, ERP systems, and third-party applications. Ensure seamless data flow between SuccessFactors and other systems to maintain data consistency and accuracy.

Training and Change Management

Provide users with training on how to use SuccessFactors effectively. Create change management strategies to assist employees in adjusting to the new system and procedures. Highlight the advantages of making the transition and deal with any reluctance or worries from stakeholders.


Conduct thorough testing of the migrated data, configurations, and integrations to ensure everything functions as expected. Perform user acceptance testing (UAT) to validate that the system meets the requirements and expectations of end-users.

Go-Live and Support

Once testing is successful, plan to go live with SuccessFactors. Monitor the system closely during the initial period to spot any challenges or issues that may arise. Provide ongoing support and training to users as needed.

Post-Implementation Review

After the migration, conduct a post-implementation review to assess the project’s success. Get inputs from users and stakeholders to determine what needs to be improved and what ideas may be applied.

SAP SuccessFactors Services

SAP SuccessFactors services comprehensively support organizations transitioning to the SuccessFactors suite for their HCM needs. This includes a range of services to enable a smooth and successful migration from on-premise SAP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors.

Assessment and Planning

Thoroughly assess the organization’s current HCM landscape and develop a detailed migration plan.

Configuration and Customization

Customize SuccessFactors modules to align with the organization’s unique processes and requirements.

Data Migration

Facilitate SAP data migration to SuccessFactors, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Integrate SuccessFactors with other systems to ensure seamless data flow and cross-functional processes.

Training and Change Management

Provide comprehensive training and change management support to ensure user adoption.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Conduct thorough testing to validate system functionality and data integrity.

Go-Live and Support

Assist during the go-live phase and provide ongoing support post-implementation.

Continuous Improvement

Collaborate to identify opportunities for optimization and drive business value from SuccessFactors.


Engage with key stakeholders throughout the migration process, including HR leaders, IT professionals, and end-users, to ensure a smooth transition to SAP SuccessFactors. Additionally, consider working with experienced consultants or partners with expertise in SAP HCM and SuccessFactors to support you through the migration journey. As an SAP implementation partner, offering SAP SuccessFactors services involves a holistic approach focused on delivering value, driving innovation, and helping organizations achieve their HCM objectives effectively.
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