RiteAnalytics for ERP

RiteAnalytics is a Cloud-based analytic solution for your business applications that helps uncover actionable insights with ready-to-use, personalized KPIs. Connect your data and unify your analytics across multiple ERP and CRM systems through a single, cross-functional, Extensible Data Analytics services. RiteAnalytics drives better business decisions by enabling business users to build high-performing, real-time reports on their own, without assistance from IT. Reduce the time taken with Oracle Cloud Analytics to build and deploy complex analytic applications, empowering both business and IT users with faster, better insights.
RiteAnalytics-Cloud Analytics Solutions

RiteAnalytics for Finance

Data Analytics

Achieve Real-Time Visibility

RiteAnalytics provides real-time visibility into your financial data, allowing you to act immediately in response to an event. You can make faster and smarter decisions to improve your organization’s bottom line.

Data Analytics

Improve Revenue Forecasting

Rite Analytics is a predictive analytic tool that can integrate data from finance applications with other business applications including supply chain, sales, marketing etc. to accurately forecast revenue and predict future demand for products.

Data Analytics

Identify and Mitigate Risks

RiteAnalytics can reveal patterns in your financial data to predict future events and recommend the best course of action. You can quickly identify areas where costs are rising or other indicators of poor performance.

Data Analytics

Analyze Customer Profitability

RiteAnalytics helps you to identify your most profitable customers, allowing you to target and focus your efforts on the right type of customers. Sales teams can also prioritize customers who value your products and services.

RiteAnalytics for HR

Data Analytics

Improve Talent Acquisition

RiteAnalytics can help you to analyze the information and skills your candidates provide in their job applications and identify the best candidates for the role. Your recruiters can make better decisions and improve the recruitment process.

Data Analytics

Improve Employee Experience

RiteAnalytics can help you analyze and improve every aspect of your employees' experience, from the beginning of the recruitment process to their last day at your company. Understand where your employees perform best and create the right working environment.

Data Analytics

Improve Employee Retention

RiteAnalytics helps you analyze employee retention to understand why your employees are leaving or staying. Predict which of your employees are most likely to leave your organisation in the future and address potential employee losses before they happen.

Data Analytics

Uncover Skill Gaps

RiteAnalytics can help you identify the skills that your organisation is lacking and address any knowledge gaps. Understand which of your employees need to upskill, or what type of candidate is best suited for a particular role to optimize your current and future workforce.

RiteAnalytics for Supply Chain

Data Analytics

Improve Inventory Management

RiteAnalytics can provide better visibility into your processes and help you get a clear picture of your entire supply chain. Predict fluctuations in supply and demand to reduce inventory costs and provide the right inventory, at the right location, at the right time.

Data Analytics

Optimize Transportation and Logistics

RiteAnalytics can analyze your existing transportation and logistics processes to identify potential areas for improvement and optimize your transport routes and schedules with certainty to ensure on-time delivery of your shipments.

Data Analytics

Optimize Production Planning

RiteAnalytics can forecast future events that could disrupt your operations and recommend corrective measures in response to these disruptions. Create an optimal production schedule, identify potential areas of improvement, and maximize your production capacity.

Data Analytics

Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration

RiteAnalytics can increase operational efficiencies with a single version of the truth and enable cross-functional collaboration across the organization. Eliminate data silos to create accurate, shareable forecasts and help disparate teams develop a cohesive plan of action.

RiteAnalytics for Sales

Data Analytics

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

RiteAnalytics provides visibility into your prospects and customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Get a deeper understanding of customer behaviour to optimize your sales processes, accelerate the conversion journey, and reduce customer attrition.

Data Analytics

Drive Efficiency and Productivity

RiteAnalytics can provide important insights into your sales processes to reveal gaps in efficiency and productivity. Empower your sales team by identifying upselling opportunities, knowing your most valuable customers, prioritizing high-value opportunities, etc.

Data Analytics

Identify Potential Opportunities

RiteAnalytics can help you analyze customer data to recognize opportunities for growth and expansion. Identify and target the right prospects, reducing wasted effort by your sales teams, and improving the overall contact-to-sale ratio.

Data Analytics

Personalize Your Customer Experience

RiteAnalytics can help you consolidate and analyze data from many different channels to gain better insights. Create comprehensive customer profiles to run targeted campaigns, improve product recommendations, and deliver a more personalized experience.

RiteAnalytics for Marketing

Data Analytics

Understand Your Target Audience

RiteAnalytics helps you understand your customers and prospects along their buyer’s journey. Learn how they engage with your brand, how they progress down the conversion funnel, and personalize your offerings accordingly.

Data Analytics

Optimize Your Campaigns

RiteAnalytics can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing spend. See which campaigns are performing well, understand your budget allocation and identify areas of improvement to optimize your campaigns.

Data Analytics

Measure Campaign Performance

RiteAnalytics can provide metrics to help you understand how your marketing initiatives are working. Create insightful marketing dashboards, track important KPIs, and adjust your marketing strategy and budgets to deliver better outcomes.

Data Analytics

Make Accurate Forecasts

RiteAnalytics uses historical data about customer behavior to help you predict likely future outcomes of your marketing initiatives. Eliminate guesswork from your marketing strategies and leverage data to make informed decisions.

Benefits of RiteAnalytics


Eliminate Data Silos

Use our connectors to integrate your data at one place.



Avail real-time analytics with advanced visualizations.


Modern ELT

Use high-performance and extensive data preparation features.


Predictive Insights

Use multiple ML models for forecasting, prediction, and text analytics.


Universal Data Model

Create a single data model with multiple fact tables.


Big Data Architecture

Event-driven architecture to ingest and process real-time data.

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