Get Hold of Realtime Business Insights While Cutting Down Extra IT Costs

NetSuite Solutions helps you to streamline business processes, sustain multiple entities, thrive in business, and drive rapid global expansion.

NetSuite and Its Practice

The continually changing business environment and the growth of organizations require their business systems to evolve for their requirements.

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP System that runs on the cloud and manages the day-to-day business activities such as financial management, procurement process, CRM, Order management, Reporting capabilities, and elimination of manual spreadsheet processes.

Being a leading cloud-based ERP system, the organization’s business is over the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere at any time. Every business operation is done through the cloud and stored correspondingly. This primarily eliminates the on-premises storage and backup constraints.


NetSuite Solutions for your Business

Oracle NetSuite ERP is vital in enhancing and supporting business from various aspects of business operations. With its bi-quarterly enhancements, NetSuite updates its features and offerings to deliver organizations the best experience.


Supply and Demand Management

Customer behavior often drives supply chain management. Using inventory management and planning of demand upgrade the supply chain management. NetSuite enables cost controls and lead times, which further helps the cause. NetSuite supply chain planning enables businesses to make informed decisions that ensure product availability while keeping excess inventory to a minimum.

Accessing data in real-time

NetSuite supports accessing data from anywhere at any time through web services. It can be accessed quickly and easily across entities in real-time, which helps plan the course of action further. The customization offerings in Reports, Dashboards and KPI Scorecard helps us to determine financial decisions according to individual entities.

Compelling Compliance and Control

NetSuite Cloud ERP complies with accounting standards such as GAAP and IFRS, best practices, and government regulations. Instances where there are bundles with pre-built tax filing and reporting tools that are specific to a country. Multiple accounting standards and multi-book accounting capabilities also drive financial reporting. Standard roles, which can be customized according to the business requirement, can also be drilled down to each permission level in liaising with the segregation of duties.


On-Time Implementation

Assembling an appropriate project implementation team lays down the foundation to the end.
Everyone, such as the project manager, project sponsor, project steering
committee, and implementation team, ensures the project is with in the timeline
and budget with the requirement being met. With the right team, the project implementation is seamless.

NetSuite offers various features which derive comparatively high standard benefits across cloud ERP. Some of the key business benefits are laid below.

Resource allocation

Every project implementation requires budget allocation, which comprises resource allocation. This is driven by understanding the demand, complementary skills, capacity, and availability to identify the optimal resource mix through every stage of the project—a correct blend of technical and functional expertise.