CloudMiner Yearly Subscription




CloudMiner is a fast, powerful GUI-based query tool that can communicate with any cloud point of delivery in Oracle Cloud Applications.

Among the first of its kind in-market, CloudMiner can run queries in any Oracle Cloud Application within seconds, enabling you to avoid the tedious and inefficient methods present today. With its native desktop interface, CloudMiner displays results just as an on-premise database query tool (e.g. Toad, SQL Navigator) does. Further, CloudMiner is also able to expedite analysis by reducing code defects and improving code quality through a variety of smart-coding features.

Key Features
SQL query capabilities to access your Oracle SaaS Data
Simultaneous connectivity to multiple PODs/cloud instances
Export data to PDF/Excel/RTF or your preferred delimiter
Powerful search capability across all columns and data
Local history of run SQL querie
Ability to save queries to favorites
Shortcuts to create code snippets
Smart code editor with context-aware auto-completion
Smart SQL formatting and support for bind parameters