Denodo Data Virtualization supports you to integrate your enterprise data stored across multiple systems, manage the data for centralized security and governance, and enable real-time data analytics access to business users. Users can access this data on demand and build data models that suit the customer’s needs.

managing the cloud data analytics by using denodo data virtualization


Universal Data model

Connect disparate data from multiple sources including spreadsheets with Denodo Data Virtualization

oracle business intelligence analytics (OBIA) dashboard

Intuitive user experience to meet the needs of both business and IT users

denodo analytics search

Dynamic Query Optimizer enables intelligent query execution for faster data access

denodo query analytic checker

Smart Query Acceleration helps tackle complex analytical scenarios

smart idea

In-Memory Parallel Processing ensures faster data access

data management system

Automated lifecycle management helps you reduce the time spent managing data

Big data architecture - Cloud Analytics Solutions

Dynamic Data Catalog provides ML-driven recommendations, ensuring seamless data access and improved collaboration

predictive insights

Denodo platform provides PaaS support for cloud and hybrid environments provides automated infrastructure management

virtual denodo cloud

Easy interoperability with existing cloud systems with a modern data services layer that’s compliant with different cloud standards

Easy deployment through cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Azure, GCP and on Docker


Denodo Data Virtualization provides advanced security and governance, with controlled access to your data via a single point of control and administration

Business Intelligence

Why RiteSoftware?

  • We offer a best-practice-based approach to delivering successful BI projects, ensuring timely project completion delivery with an emphasis on knowledge transfer and training
  • Our in-house products such as pre-built tools, scripts, and templates accelerate development and migration.
  • We help develop custom solutions for customers specifically tailored to their industry vertical or use case
  • Our solution architects are certified for Oracle BI Applications modules, with deep expertise in across domains and industries that allow us to architect scalable solutions.
  • We provide 24x7 managed services for Oracle Analytics including basic BI admin tasks, system management and monitoring, data warehouse monitoring, and incremental backups

Our Edge


We transform your business processes with modern analytics, resulting in greater efficiencies, reduced risks, and faster, more accurate insights for all stakeholders.


We work together with relevant stakeholders across the organization to build a strong business case for analytics, and clearly define roles and responsibilities.


We can help you transition to Denodo Data Virtualization without any impact on business operations and drive user adoption through effective change management and training.


We analyze your existing business processes, understand end-user needs, develop an actionable project plan, and execute the project that's best suited to your current and future business needs.


We can help you transition to cloud analytics without any impact on business operations and drive user adoption through effective change management and training.


With high service levels and a 24 x 7 x 365 support model, we manage the day-to-day running and optimization of your data and analytics systems so that you can focus on more strategic initiatives.