CloudMiner is a fast and powerful Oracle Database GUI tool that uses a native desktop interface to communicate with any cloud point of delivery in Oracle Cloud Applications. CloudMiner uses a native desktop interface to run queries in Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud or any fusion Cloud within seconds and display the results as a traditional on-premise database query tool.

In addition to an extensive query environment, Rite’s Oracle Database Query Tool provides smart code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly syntax highlighting, and refactoring capabilities. Easy to install and use, CloudMiner offers an intuitive interface to help you reduce the time and effort required to develop and maintain databases, while reducing code defects and improving code quality.
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Multi Format Export

Excel, HTML, CSV, Text, etc…


Smart Code Completion


Package Specification Details


Manage Connections



CloudMiner provides SQL Query access for Oracle Database.


For Business Users

  • Run ad-hoc queries (provided by IT) on your own in your Oracle Database
  • Export and analyze data in spreadsheets
  • Quickly compare setups across multiple points of delivery
  • Run queries while debugging, and on production databases

For IT Users

  • Quickly monitor running processes in Oracle Cloud Applications like HDLs, HCM Extracts, etc.
  • Develop ad-hoc queries faster using auto-completion and snippet shortcuts
  • Standardize code using snippets for standard queries
  • Deliver actionable insights with easy-to-build visualizations

Time Savings: Over 963 More Efficient!

CloudMiner runs Query in Oracle Database and displays result in just 3.4% to of the time otherwise needed!


smart code formatting

Smart Code Formatting

Easily format any Oracle SQL query using the in-built Smart SQL Formatter

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Select and Execute What You Want

As you type in your query, select any query on the worksheet and execute to view the results. No need to create multiple worksheets for multiple queries.

Cloud Pod Connection

History of Run Queries

History of all the queries which were run against each of the Oracle Cloud POD connection

Cloud Supports Network Proxy

Supports Network Proxy

Supports company’s proxy server so the tool can access the internet needed to connect to Oracle Cloud PODs

Smart Code Completion

Smart Code Completion

Auto-complete and present you with table and column names as you type in your queries

table object cloud

Table Object Details

For a given Cloud table, view its column details, constraints, indexes and many other information.

support bind parameters

Support Bind Parameters

Just add :paramName in your query and it automatically asks your for the parameters when you run the query

view object details

View Object Details

For a given Cloud database view, see the SQL behind the view along with column information

multiple pods and worksheets

Multiple PODs and Multiple Worksheets

Simultaneously connect to multiple PODs and easily create multiple SQL Worksheets per connection

multi format export

Multi Format Export

Any database query result can be exported in many formats such as Excel, HTML, CSV, Text, etc…

index object details

Index Object Details

In our Oracle Database Query Tool for a given Table Index, view its columns and many other information.

intutive connection manager

Intuitive Connection Manager

Easily create connection to different Cloud environments using just the POD URL

smart code snippets

Smart Code Snippets

Easy to save your reusable SQL snippets and then pull them directly as you type in your query with accelerator keys

one click export

One Click Export

Quick export action sits right on top of the results table and thus can be invoked easily to export the results table with minimal clicks.

tabular formatted output

Tabular Formatted Output

View the Oracle Database Cloud query results in a tabular format like any other desktop SQL IDEs. You can also copy and paste the results as needed.

multi format export

Custom Delimited Export

While exporting the data, if you need the output in any other delimited format, then use the delimiter configuration option to provide the required details.

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Quick Column Finder

Speed search and bring to focus any column which is part of the results table. This saves a lot of time while carefully navigating to the desired column.

view object details

Transpose View

If the query results table contains too many columns to place on the screen, use the Transposed View to see the data from a particular row in a friendlier way.

view object details

Package Specification Details

View the package specification details of any Cloud database PL/SQL package. This will help you get the signatures of many PL/SQL package functions to be used in your custom queries.

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Browse Cloud Database Objects

Search any Oracle Cloud database object using wild-card characters and get the results back in a nice tabular format. Directly click on the open definition to view the details of the selected object.

searching for CloudMiner

Text Search

Find data inside the results table quickly without writing a statement thanks to text search. It’s especially helpful if you don’t know which column contains the data.


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