The Fast and Easy Way to Migrate Trial Balances to New Chart of Accounts Structures

The Fast and Easy Way to Migrate Trial Balances to New Chart of Accounts Structures

Chart of Account Analysis with RiteCOA

Perfect COA Data Migration Tool

with a faster turnaround time to record the actionable insights of financial processes!

Are you struggling with Trial Balance Migration to a new chart of account structures? Look no further than RiteCOA! The powerful COA Data Migration Tool is a Financial  Consolidation Software makes the process of data migration from legacy systems to Oracle fast, easy, and cost-effective, with built-in adaptors for Oracle E-Business Suite R12.X.X, and Oracle ERP Cloud, standard templates for all ERPs, and extensive mapping options.

RiteCOA is a GL COA Migration Tool that can convert trial balance from one format to another based on the mapping provided/defined by the business users. Once the user defines the source and target structure and completes the mapping of values between the source and target systems, the tool is ready for conversion.

Purpose of RiteCOA

RiteCOA facilitates Chart of Account Analysis & is perfect for finance controllers, managers, GL users, CFOs, and implementation consultants. It’s a COA Data Migration Tool that requires no training, empowering you to easily convert trial balances from one format to another. With RiteCOA, you can consolidate a global chart of account structure when multiple ERP systems run in your company or act as a ‘What-If’ analysis tool to see how the future trial balance will look when you embark on the financial transformation journey.

RiteCOA for trial balance migration


Increase data visibility by streamlining your business finance processes with the COA Data Migration Tool, RiteCOA