Business Analytics

Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle Cloud BI Publisher allows you to create and manage your reports easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. Create pixel-perfect reports on the go using any data source, view reports online, and generate hundreds of reports without impacting your systems.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Oracle's on-premise and cloud applications as well as Oracle's analytics platforms
  • Greater flexibility with separate data logic, layout and translation with support for multiple language templates against a single data set
  • Reduce the number of reports with multiple layouts for a single dataset with Oracle Cloud BI Publisher
  • Interactive reporting with advanced formatting capabilities
  • Create and edit report layouts in a web browser or with familiar tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Acrobat
  • Create reports by connecting to virtually any data source with Oracle Cloud BI Publisher
  • Schedule the delivery of personalized reports to multiple destinations in multiple formats
  • Oracle BI Publisher Web Services - Integrates with custom applications via web services or Java APIs

Why Rite Software?

We can help you connect and integrate your mission-critical on-premise and SaaS applications as well as back-office applications – both Oracle and non-Oracle.

  • Accelerate phased modernization and digital transformation initiatives by integrating any ERP, HCM, or CX applications faster
  • Minimize business disruptions by eliminating synchronization errors and delays associated with other traditional methods
  • Simplify workflows and approvals across applications with visual design and pre-built templates for orchestrating end-to-end ERP, HCM, and CX processes
Oracle Cloud Intelligence
Oracle Cloud Optimization
  • Reduce training costs by delivering customer-specific capabilities and improving usability with embedded extensions
  • Oracle Visual Builder offers a built-in service catalog of Oracle SaaS APIs and integrations with seamless single sign-on for extensions
  • Make customer and employee interactions richer and more productive with packaged ERP, HCM, and CX connectivity and automation service
  • Get actionable intelligence needs by eliminating silos for ERP, HCM, and CX processes that span multiple applications with Oracle Cloud BI Publisher Web Services
  • Reduce project delivery times by up to 60% with AI & ML-powered data-mapping recommendations to connect applications and processes

Our Edge​


We transform your business processes with cutting-edge applications, resulting in reduced risks, improved controls, and faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders.


We work together with relevant stakeholders across the organization to build a strong business case, and clearly define roles and responsibilities.


Our effective project governance framework ensures that your effort stays on track, from the initial planning stages to well past your go-live date.


We analyze your existing business processes, understand end-user needs, develop an actionable project plan, and execute the project that's best suited to your current and future business needs.


We can ensure a smooth transition without impacting your business operations and drive user adoption through effective change management and training.


With high service levels and a 24 x 7 x 365 support model managed services, we manage the day-to-day running and optimization of your Oracle Cloud Applications so that you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

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