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Data is often scattered in silos across global supply chains, increasing complexity and making it difficult to achieve 360-degree visibility into your products. This makes it difficult to make informed investment decisions and create a balanced product portfolio. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Systems provides complete visibility into your supply chain, enabling you to make better decisions, reduce costs, and improve business relationships.

Oracle SCM Cloud offers end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain, enabling you to bring your products to market faster while controlling costs and risk. Improve decision-making, ensure compliance, and meet customer expectations by aligning your supply chain operations with business objectives.

Oracle SCM Cloud Analytics
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Supply Chain Planning

Plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain, collaborating end-to-end to increase service, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels and use of working capital to reduce costs and drive higher customer satisfaction. Gain full visibility and control of product flow across your organization and global supply chains.



Streamline global manufacturing with an integrated manufacturing execution system with built-in supply chain integration, IoT, and AI. Simplify shop floor execution, optimize decisions, and control quality and cost.

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Increase reliability and uptime while reducing overall maintenance costs with a connected, smart maintenance management solution.

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Maximize perfect order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs while adapting to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain.

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Order Management​

Gain visibility and improve coordination across channels and fulfillment sources, facilitate rapid order execution, and integrate the customer experience for excellent service and improved margins.​



Streamline and integrate source-to-pay with an intuitive user experience, built-in analytics, and collaboration that simplifies supplier management, enables best supplier selection, enforces compliant spending, and improves profitability.​

Product Lifecycle Management​

Product Lifecycle Management​

Accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and improve product quality with a connected digital thread that unifies your supply chain and harmonizes product master data.​

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking allows you to effectively manage enterprise assets and reduce overall maintenance costs. You can track the real-time location, health, and utilization of your assets, view analytics on the dashboard, and improve asset life through predictive maintenance.

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Why RiteSoftware for Oracle SCM Cloud? ​

By transitioning to Oracle SCM Cloud, you don’t have the burden of maintaining, upgrading, and securing your own on-premise software. You receive quarterly software updates from Oracle, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and more advanced capabilities driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

As an Oracle Partner and Oracle Cloud Service Partner, we have vast experience in implementing Oracle Supply Chain Execution Cloud Applications for our customers. With our best-practice driven approach and proven implementation methodology, we will become a trusted partner in your journey to Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud – from early stages of defining a cloud roadmap to future upgrades, maintenance and support.

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