ConvertRite: For Seamless Legacy Application Migration to Cloud

Oracle Cloud Data Migrations are complex, risky, expensive, and often disrupted by unexpected challenges. As enterprises consider migrating Legacy Application to the Cloud, there are growing concerns about implementation costs, business disruption, and complex Data Conversion.

All these shouldn’t drag you behind from taking an impactful step in your Digital Transformation journey. That’s where ConvertRite, one of the best Oracle Data Migration Tools comes to the rescue to avoid the roadblocks during Data Migration from On-Premises to Cloud.

Map, Manage & Migrate with our Oracle Data Migration Tool, ConvertRite!

What is ConvertRite?

ConvertRite, an Oracle Data Migration tool will uncover all the challenges & empower enterprises with seamless Legacy Application Migration to cloud.

ConvertRite, the HIPAA-compliant Oracle Data Migration tool built on Oracle PaaS, streamlines your shift from legacy applications to cloud easier and faster. It is designed to automate Data Migration from On primise to Cloud like EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, etc.,

ConvertRite speeds up the Data Migration from Legacy Systems to Oracle Cloud Applications by automating manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes like Data Mapping and Data Validation.


CSC Global was looking for a cost effective implementation partner to convert 5000+ employees from WorkDay within two months. With the help of Rite Software's ConvertRite tool we were able to successfully convert all employee HR data to Oracle Fusion in the shortest span of data migration life cycle. Thank you for your partnership & support in our work.

CSC Global - Technology Manager

We value our partnership with Rite Software towards data conversion initiatives. We are working on a couple of assignments with Rite and our overall experience with them is pleasant.

Trinamix,INC - Vice President, Delivery & Operations

Key Features

ConvertRite, a Data Migration Tool simplifies the complex Data Migration process with its robust features and user-friendly interface.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with OAuth

Secured & controlled usage is ensured with ConvertRite’s SSO capabilities.

ERP Agnostic

Migrate effortlessly with proven reduced Data Conversion timelines across the customer source environments.

Multi-Level Copy Functionality

Whether you are running a pilot, rolling out to different entities, or working on a specific project for one entity, you can easily replicate the same project settings, mappings, and logic.

Rich Dashboards

Track the insights of reconciliation during the migration process. Additionally, custom repository data can be built and stored in the ConvertRite Database based on your specific requirements.

Reusability of Mapping and Logic

Eliminate the need to recreate mappings and logic for similar Data Migration tasks by reusing mappings and logic from one project to another.

Configurable Reconciliation Reports

Generate detailed reports on the status and accuracy of Data Migration to meet your business needs.

Extensive Mapping Capabilities

ConvertRite facilitates accurate and consistent data transformation. One-to-one using 1 to 1 mapping, complex migration using 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 mapping, formulae using formula mapping, and prefix and suffix mapping.

No/Low Code Implementation

ConvertRite simplifies Data Migration with its user friendly interface, requiring minimal coding.

Know the benefits of using our Data Migration Tool while migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud.

Robust pre-built mappings and validations for Oracle Cloud

Field-level mappings are validated against Oracle Cloud data before FBDI/ HDL files are generated.  This evidently allows the handling of data volumes of huge scales while also reducing processing errors! 

 Real-Time Synchronization and Cloud Lookup

Any configuration changes made in the cloud, such as lookup values, are automatically synced back to ConvertRite. This eliminates concerns about discrepancies when transitioning between environments or modifying lookup values.

Flexible Pricing Models

ConvertRite ensures cost-effectiveness and scalability according to your unique business needs with customizable licensing options for the necessary modules.

Seamless Configuration Transfer Across Multiple Environments

Effortlessly transfer configurations between multiple PODS during the implementation cycle. The configuration can be easily reported in different environments by copying the function.

Extensible User Hooks

ConvertRite offers extensible user hooks for flexible data conversions. Whether you need to convert data into one-line, two-line, or multi-line formats, the tool provides the necessary functionality to accommodate your requirements.

 Built-In Adaptors for EBS

ConvertRite, a data migration tool automatically handle Oracle EBS to Cloud mapping process as the table structure between the two platforms remains unchanged.

 Why Choose ConvertRite?

Be it migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud or Data Migration from On-Premises to the Cloud, your hunt for a reliable Oracle Data Migration Tools ends here with ConvertRite!

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