All You Need to Know About Oracle BI Publisher and Its Benefits

  • September 5, 2023
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On September 5, 2023

Oracle BI Publisher is a solution for creating, managing, and delivering your reports and documents, outpacing conventional business intelligence solutions easily and quickly. Utilize your web browser or desktop tools to generate reports, ranging from impeccably precise customer-facing records to engaging managerial reports, all of which can be sourced from virtually any data repository.

Whether you wish to view reports through online channels or establish scheduling for automated delivery, the platform can deliver tens of thousands of reports while imposing minimal strain on your transactional systems. Oracle BI Publisher is also available under the covers of business intelligence solutions within Oracle Applications such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. It is integrated into their tech stack and helps create templates, format queries, and schedule reports.

What's New in Oracle BI Publisher 12c - Release

Oracle Documents Cloud Delivery

You can send documents to Oracle Document Cloud Service, an enterprise content collaboration tool offering file sync and share features. Setting up Oracle Document Cloud Service as a new delivery option within Oracle BI Publisher is now possible. This applies to both on-premise and cloud versions of BI Publisher.

Using WebCenter Content as a Data Source

You can now read text data files from WebCenter Content. The administrator creates a Content Server data source, which can be utilized as a dataset in the BI Publisher data model. This allows retrieving text data files stored in WebCenter Content using their Document IDs. The content in these text files can be displayed in report outputs using various layout templates.

PDF Attachments for Invoices

You can now attach PDFs to your documents in BI Publisher, often necessary when sending customer invoices. These attachments can be retrieved from WebContent Server and sent with invoices through any delivery channel.

Integration with RESTful APIs

Oracle BI Publisher introduces a set of lightweight REST APIs for viewing reports from applications. These APIs use URLs and JSON objects to communicate with the BI Publisher Server, making integration simpler than traditional SOAP web services.

HTML Email Body with Attached Reports

You can format email bodies using HTML for scheduled or bursting jobs. This enables the inclusion of images, logos, hyperlinks, etc. You can send the generated report as an email attachment.

Custom Font Management

Managing custom fonts is now easier. Instead of relying on specific folders, you can upload and manage custom fonts directly from the Administration page. This is particularly helpful for cloud deployments where file system access might be restricted.

Simplified PGP Key Management for FTP Encryption

You can now upload and manage PGP Keys directly from the Administration page for FTP delivery encryption. This streamlines the process and makes it more user-friendly.

Efficient Management of Large Reports

A new feature called Dynamic Memory Guard allows you to handle large reports more effectively. Different template types (PDF, Excel, XPT, RTF, XSL, XSL-FO, eText) can be configured with separate limits for online and offline (scheduled) reports. These limits can adjust dynamically based on variables and predefined functions.

Cloud Data File Security through Encryption

When hosting data files on the cloud, you can rest assured that they are encrypted. This ensures unauthorized users cannot directly access the files, enhancing data security. Despite encryption, users won’t notice any changes in the user interface when working with these files.

Benefits of Oracle BI Publisher

Flexible Reporting Capabilities

Oracle BI Publisher offers versatile reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate various reports and documents. It supports multiple output formats, including PDF, Excel, HTML, and more, enabling users to create documents suitable for different purposes and audiences.

Integration with Various Data Sources

BI Publisher integrates with multiple data sources within Oracle applications and external systems. This flexibility enables users to access data from diverse sources and create reports that comprehensively view their business operations.

Customizable Templates

One key feature of BI Publisher is its ability to create highly customizable templates. Users can design templates with precise layouts, branding elements, and styles, ensuring that the generated reports adhere to the organization’s visual identity and meet specific formatting requirements.

Automated Delivery and Scheduling

BI Publisher streamlines the process of report distribution through automated delivery and scheduling. Users can set up automatic delivery options based on time triggers or events, ensuring that the right reports reach the right recipients at the appropriate times without manual intervention.

Enhanced Data Security

Oracle BI Publisher offers features like encryption and security controls to safeguard sensitive information. With support for data-level security and secure report delivery, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals access confidential data.

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