Benefits of Hiring an ERP Consulting Partner for Your Business

  • November 8, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On November 8, 2022

An ERP system can transform your business by providing a centralized suite of applications that help manage business processes, such as finance, accounting, human resources, sales, payroll, and inventory. When implemented correctly, an ERP solution offers several benefits, such as lower operating costs, higher efficiency, and greater productivity.

Businesses are evaluating the benefits of hiring a consulting partner for Oracle ERP Cloud Service compared to executing the project using their internal IT resources. It can be helpful to hire an Oracle ERP implementation partner to sail smoothly through your project as they bring deep expertise in technology consulting and ERP implementation. Here are the top benefits of hiring a consulting partner for your Oracle ERP Cloud Service project:

1. Expertise

An Oracle ERP implementation partner typically has a business technology or management information systems background with specialized consultants to support every step of the implementation. Hiring an implementation partner for Oracle ERP Cloud Service helps businesses save costs by avoiding unnecessary add-ons, addressing your pain points, and providing flexibility for business expansion. An ERP implementation can be overwhelming to handle internally, even with a sizable IT team. Compared to internal IT teams, working with a consulting partner with certified experts usually results in higher ROI. These consultants bring detailed knowledge of technology and processes and can design custom solutions for different business models.

2. Value-Added Services

Buying directly from the technology provider requires you to work with sales executives who will likely try to upsell more services than you need. Your Oracle ERP implementation might not be utilized to its maximum potential as they need to understand your business and offer custom solutions. Instead, ERP Consulting Service Providers certified as value-added resellers (VARs) partner with software vendors to navigate the challenges of licensing and negotiations, leading to faster and better implementation.

3. Risk Management

Oracle ERP implementation partners usually have several teams of consultants specializing in different functional areas of modules. These consultants have detailed knowledge of specific modules and can minimize potential implementation risks. They can demonstrate the solution’s capabilities beforehand and help you understand its pros and cons specific to your business processes and objectives. Other risks include your Oracle ERP implementation going over schedule, exceeding the budget, or failing to deliver the desired outcomes. Hiring an experienced consultant helps you identify and address potential problems before they occur, protecting your business from downtime and cost escalations. The ERP consultant will monitor your project’s progress and prevent unfavorable outcomes.

4. Dedicated Project Management

Oracle ERP Cloud Service consultants create a detailed project timeline and list the deliverables. They present a clear roadmap outlining when your executive team needs to join the conversation and when your employees will start adopting the new solution. Having experts design your project timeline can help you better prepare for inevitable changes, improving the speed and efficiency of your implementation. An experienced Oracle ERP implementation partner can identify your business needs, estimate resources accurately, define project timelines, and outline deliverables, significantly saving costs, time, and effort.

5. Unbiased Advice

A critical first step to an Oracle ERP Cloud Service implementation is a business analysis of the enterprise to understand the internal processes, pain points, and future goals. Getting someone within the organization to conduct this research runs the risk of biased reports. A team of outside experts allows you to discover things your C-suite and executive team may have never identified. Oracle ERP consultants usually embark on an extensive discovery process with your company, analyzing metrics, operations, security, and your existing tech stack. Such a discovery process helps companies develop more effective strategies.

6. Industry Specialization

Several Oracle ERP consulting firms specialize in and have extensive experience in select industries. They are up-to-date with the industry’s regulations, policies, and latest trends, learning critical lessons from experience implementing successful industry projects. They offer a huge arsenal of resources, such as industry insights, survey data, and industry success guides. Industry-specialized Oracle ERP consultants are also familiar with the popular applications used in the industry and their alternatives. It allows them to offer end-to-end project management and consulting services, providing tailored advice on application modules and functionalities, budget constraints, and project management.

7. Training, Change Management, and Support

Training and onboarding a team of Oracle ERP Cloud Service experts can take a long time, but your implementation partner can help manage the transition better. Ineffective change management can lead to a decline in employee productivity and morale. ERP consultants know your solution and can support your employees, reducing unnecessary delays and stress. Oracle ERP Cloud managed services consultants can function as long-term partners offering technical support whenever required. Because Oracle ERP Cloud Managed Services providers charge based on services delivered. You can avoid unnecessary costs and invest in more strategic initiatives.


An Oracle ERP Implementation Partner can equip your business with future-proof custom solutions to support growth. You can work together to design a solution best suited to your needs, generating ROI and offering several other benefits. While internal projects can seem more cost-effective in the short term, they might need more skills or experience to undertake such a project. An Oracle ERP Cloud Service consulting partner can guide you through every implementation stage, helping you get the most out of your solution.

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