Benefits of Upgrading from OBIEE to OAS

  • March 29, 2022
  • Subramanyam Sripada
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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) are effective Oracle business intelligence solutions. OAS is an on-premise, AI-enabled, self-service analytics and data visualization platform. It offers a wide range of AI capabilities to deliver critical insights from your data. Data enrichment capabilities recommend new elements for analysis, ML capabilities for both data scientists, and stunning data visualizations for your dashboards with pixel-perfect reports.

OAS is built on a modern technological foundation and supports complex workloads and deployments at a low TCO. Customers who run OAS can manage upgrades on their schedule and implement customization options such as custom skins/styles, metadata, messaging, etc. OAS is an effortless upgrade option and enables existing OBIEE 11g or 12c customers to modernize their analytics and have the flexibility to move to the public or private cloud at their own pace.

OBIEE features are also available in OAS and other Oracle business intelligence solutions like Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), including data visualization projects, classic BI dashboards, or BI Publisher report bursting. You must consider some critical differences before upgrading. For instance, OBIEE’s Scorecard and Strategy Management feature is no longer available in OAS, so Oracle will not fix bugs related to that feature in the future.

Benefits of OAS vs. OBIEE

Augmented Analytics

OAS delivers deeper insights by embedding AI and ML into all aspects of your analytics processes, including intelligent data preparation and data discovery. You can build stunning visualizations into a dashboard in a single click and have an intuitive user experience with conversation-style analytics powered by natural language processing (NLP).

Data Enrichment

OAS offers advanced data enrichment capabilities that can auto-recommend data elements and help you recognize patterns within data for categorization. Integrated ML algorithms provide intelligent recommendations for deeper insights.

Machine Learning

OAS offers extended ML capabilities that cover the entire cycle of ML processes and address the needs of all data scientists, including citizen data scientists and data analysts. It also enables the immediate operational deployment of ML models in your business processes.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards provide valuable insights and reports with a vast collection of visualizations. You can drill, pivot, and filter your data directly on a dashboard while leveraging even more advanced analysis capabilities with right clicks. You can filter and personalize information based on a user’s identity, function, or role and export this data in spreadsheet format.

Ad Hoc Analysis

OAS provides business users with ad hoc query and analysis capabilities, allowing them to analyze or modify existing data sets, and add new data sources. Oracle business intelligence solutions like OAS and OAC also eliminate data structure complexity, offering a logical view of metrics, hierarchies and allowing business users to combine this data from multiple sources.

Enterprise Analytics

OAS ensures robust security and governance while providing users with access to their business information. Users can blend different data sets and quickly share their insights with their colleagues in a secure environment. OAS also provides data preparation and discovery tools that deliver stunning reports and visualizations within interactive dashboards.

Proactive Detection and Alerts

OAS features a powerful alert engine that can trigger real-time alerts and workflows and notify relevant stakeholders via their preferred channel. Sales representatives can get an SMS alert on their smartphones, warehouse managers can receive an email, and financial analysts can receive a report as a spreadsheet in their enterprise filing system.

Actionable Insights

The OAS Action Framework helps you transform insights into actions by integrating business process management capabilities within the Oracle business intelligence solutions. You can initiate a business process, a web service, or view a dashboard or report after receiving a recommendation.

Spatial Visualizations

You can visualize any data with spatial attributes such as country, state, address, location, etc., on various maps visualization within OAS. These interactive maps offer several formatting options and a wide array of multi-touch and gestural interactions.

Query, Reporting, and Analysis

OAS generates queries optimized for each data source, aggregates them, and displays the results to users in a web browser through intuitive reports and dashboards.

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