Best Practices and Strategies for Database Migration

  • June 22, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On June 22, 2022
The biggest challenge for Oracle Database Cloud Service in moving from one environment to another is moving the data without tampering. This process of moving data from one platform to another is known as database migration.

Challenges of Database Migration:

Oracle Database Migration Service is a complex task if not done with a strategy, and it might incur many challenges to the business. Some obstacles are missing deadlines, exceeding budgets, and causing the entire project to fail. Below are some of the common challenges related to it.

Knowledge of Data Migration

The basis of Oracle Database Migration Services is to understand your data. It might sense like just transferring data from one system to another, but all these minor activities add to the seamless transformation. These include duplicates, Missing-information, and Misspelling or erroneous data.

Understanding the criteria

There are instances where data migration often runs into issues because appropriate criteria are not satisfied, such as there aren’t specific fields to hold all elements. The user sometimes might not be aware of the available fields and populate them inaccurately.

Validation of Test Cases

One of the critical processes of Data Migration is validating test cases. Various instances or scenarios have to be validated. If this is not done at appropriate stages, we often risk being too late in the migration stage.

Issues in Estimation

There’s always an overrunning or over-budget project looming around. Incorrect estimation of the cost, effort and time during such an immensely complex organizational endeavour can lead to the attainability of resources and disruption of business operations.

Inappropriate Collaboration/Expertise

The Oracle Database Migration Service resources might be scattered in different geographical locations. This might lead to not fully utilizing the expertise or improper collaboration of technologies or internal and external team members. Proper resourcing and management are of the utmost to Data Migration. Those who know should have access right from the beginning except pitch in at the far end nearing the deadline.

Data migration Strategies:

Oracle Database Cloud Service Ensuring the business has strategies for crucial processes such as data migration is essential. These processes can be adhered to ensure a smooth and hassle-free migration process.

Backup data

There are possibilities of things going south in such a critical and tedious process, leading to data loss. The organization must have backup resources to address this risk before executing the migration implementation. Also, make sure they’ve been tested before they proceed further.

Understand the volume and the target

Before starting the migration, the business must know and understand the target system, the volume of data to be pulled, and what it looks like. Assessment has to be performed as to what needs to be filled and what needs to be mapped, and what needs to be leftover. The fields for the data between the systems might be different, and those have to be looked into.

Plan and design the migration

This is an essential step to kick-start the migration—the organization needs to plan the type of migration to take on, Big bang or trickle, which requires drawing out the technical architecture and detailing the migration processes. 

Any sensitive data that must be protected should also be assessed, and necessary steps must be taken to protect it. 

Test Plans and actions

The testing is not over once the design is done, or the coding is completed. To understand the system output, the tests must run with actual data with the chosen design. This helps in further detailing the design and the data migration.

Audit once completed

Once the migration is completed, a thorough audit must be performed to confirm the accuracy. This helps in addressing any anomalies or mismatches in the migration. 

With Rite Software

As businesses thrive, they move from one environment to another due to various constraints or changing scenarios. Companies are driven by data in large amounts and constantly evolving. It has become an inherent responsibility for the organization to ensure data are protected, accurate and valid. His seamless process might consume time, and much data-related attention is required.

At Rite Software, we ensure the right strategies and best practices are adhered to. This, in turn, helps the data migration strategies be performed seamlessly and smoothly. 
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