How to simplify the data migration from any ERP to Oracle Cloud?

  • July 13, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On July 13, 2022

What is ConvertRite

The process of data migration is mostly complex. It also involves challenges like high expense and risk; ConvertRite is the in-house Oracle Data Migration Tools from Rite Software. A tool with minimized cost, with maximized acceleration to convert data from any ERP into oracle cloud. ConvertRite supports Data Migration from On-Premise to Cloud. A seamless process and secure, HIPAA-compliant Oracle Data Conversion Tools built on Oracle PaaS, designed to automate Data Conversion.

Data Conversion challenges

Utilizing the Oracle cloud for its high-efficiency data plays an important role. It is vital to have the right and clean data in place. These data can be bought from several ERPs into the oracle cloud, and this process is very critical and crucial. There are some common challenges attached to this process.

Adapting to oracle's best practices

Oracles have a set of best practices that need to be taken into consideration and require adaption of it. As part of your transition, you must ensure that you reflect these changes and adaptations in your Data Conversion requirements.

Data Landscape

Your data landscape in your legacy ERP needs to be re-defined to the current system. We need to understand our data and need to know where all does it reside. Custom fields are created for process requirements, re-used fields, and any documentation relating to the same. 

Defining Templates

There are two main load utilities to leverage – FBDI (File Based Data Import) and ADFdi (ADF Desktop Integration). The data must match the content and structure of the format of these templates, Which defines what to do once populated.

Updates and missing functionalities

While uploading the data through FBDI, some of the functionalities might not be available to the constant updates done by oracle. Also, some of the functionalities are not supported by FBDI. These Functionalities must be considered as we might miss some of the existing functionalities.

Database Access

Coming from a background of Data Migration from On-Premise to Cloud might be a shock as you can’t directly query the database to look into specific data concerns, mass update records quickly, and check record counts.

Rite's ConvertRite

ConvertRite database conversion tool is an in-house built application specifically for the process of Cloud Data Migration Solutions. It is because,
  • It generates FBDI templates based on the version.
  • It is a repeatable process, streamlined, and backend script free.
  • It builds user confidence and Saves users time.
  • It reduces effort by up to 40%.
  • Built-in project management to manage end-end conversions.
  • Dashboard to report progress of conversions between source and cloud.
  • Data migration from any source (ERP) to the cloud.
  • Simplified data conversion process using the ConvertRite database conversion tool by creating the template, Mapping, loading data to the cloud, and reconciling.

Source Templates

  • Multiple Sources.
  • Create a “Source Template” and map data from any source.
  • “Original Transaction Reference” (Org-Ref) – to avoid duplicate data.

Cloud Template

  • Multiple versions of FBDI/HDL files.
  • Different Cloud releases/versions.
  • Cloud master data.
  • Map between source and cloud.


  • Reconciliations were made easy with Org-Ref.
  • Track source to the cloud.

ConvertRite Process

Accelerating your data conversion with ConvertRite helps you migrate your data hassle-free as the process of migration begins with choosing a conversion object and setting up the cloud template, Loading the master data using CSV Adaptors, Loading the source template, setup mappings, performing the validations of data, migration to the cloud and reconciliation of the same.

Data Conversion with Rite Software

This enhanced Data Migration Solutions process is the essence of ConvertRite, which helps the customers migrate with seamless and reduced effort.
  • Reduced effort leads to reduce in cost, ultimately savings.
  • Zero coding required.
  • Pre-built cloud adapters
  • AI-based mappings
  • Copy functionality from one environment to another
  • Easy reconciliations
  • Eliminate manual conversion errors, thus improving the data quality with Oracle Data Migration Tools
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