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  • January 10, 2024
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On January 10, 2024

Why do you need to accelerate your Oracle Fusion Implementation?

In the era of digital transformation, Oracle Fusion stands out as a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates business processes, enhances efficiency, and drives innovation. Accelerating the Oracle Fusion Implementation holds the key to unlocking its full potential and propelling your organization into a future of streamlined operations and heightened agility.

How can you accelerate your Oracle Fusion Implementation?

Rite has developed various Cloud native products to accelerate the implementation at various stages of implementation phases. Rite Suite products are mapped into the Rite’s implementation methodology that is robust and proven for the Oracle Fusion implementation.

What are RiteSuite’s products?

RiteSuite consists of the following products:


CloudMiner, an Oracle Fusion Database Query Tool is a fast & feature-rich desktop application to communicate with any cloud point of delivery in Oracle Cloud Applications. CloudMiner uses a native desktop interface to run queries in Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud or any Oracle Fusion Cloud within seconds and display the results as a traditional on-premise database query tools.


ConvertRite is designed to make the Oracle Cloud data migration process as smooth and straightforward as possible, saving businesses time and effort. With ConvertRite, businesses can validate their data before migration, ensuring that Oracle Fusion will only accept correct and error-free data.


RiteSync, the PaaS solution for secure Data Synchronization in Cloud. It also offers a minimalistic design that focuses on a modern, process-centric, user experience. Our Data Sync Software eliminates non-functional elements and is ready to integrate with Rest and JDBC connectors. With built-in components, you can interconnect different sources and destination elements.


ProcessRite is a powerful Process Mining Tool for ERP Systems that enables Business Process Automation by identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks, reworks, and deviations in their current processes. The tool is specifically built to analyze event logs from Oracle ERP systems like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle JD Edwards. With rich dashboards, process discovery algorithms, and other essential features, ProcessRite can help businesses streamline processes and maximize outcomes.


RiteCOA is a GL COA Migration Tool that can convert trial balance from one format to another based on the mapping provided/defined by the business users. Once the user defines the source and target structure and completes the mapping of values between the source and target systems, the tool is ready for conversion.

How RiteSuite can accelerate the Oracle Fusion Implementation?

Rite has developed an Oracle Fusion Implementation methodology that helps enterprises implement the Oracle Fusion road maps. Our structured methodology has been refined over the course of more than 20+ successful Oracle Fusion implementations and is the basis for the Project Approach and Timeline proposed for clients.

Below table illustrates RiteSuite’s products usage at various implementation phases and the benefits it brings to the clients:

Project StreamsObjectiveRite Suite that helpsBusiness Benefits

See how your current existing processes are.

Identify the bottlenecks, area of improvement, automation needs from your existing processes.

Compare your existing processes against the best practices


ProcessRite helps to identify the bottlenecks, process deviation and automation

It also helps to identify the events that causes deviation and advice to rectify it.

It can generate the most commonly used processes as a standard process for your To-Be processes

Helps to measure the improvement

Design & Configuration

Regular updates to configurations

Maintenance of Config documents

Configuring multiple PODs during the implementations


Helps to generate the Configuration document out of any PODs

Helps to copy the configuration from one POD to another POD. Thus, resulting the elimination of manual efforts and configure the POD in less time compare to the traditional manual configuration

Helps to compare the configuration between various PODs. Thus, eliminates the inconsistencies across the PODs during SIT, UAT and PROD phases

Integration To import data from upstream systems and send data to downstream systemsConvertRite When there is no complex integration requirements and client doesn’t want to invest in integration platform like OIC, mulesoft, Dell Boomi etc, ConvertRite helps to interface the data to and fro from different enterprise systems with the Oracle Fusion eco systems.
Data Migration Convert Master data like Customers and Suppliers etc and transactional data such as Invoices, Orders etc from the legacy applications to Oracle Fusion ConvertRite


200+ in-built validations across data entities such as Supplier Model, Customer Model, Cross Validation Rules etc

In-built adaptors for Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards

Copy functionality between PODs

RiteCOA to be used to migrate GL balances, Consolidate different Trail Balances from different ERP/Accounting systems into single format

Transition/Post Go-live support To extract data for reporting or data warehousing purposes



CloudMiner is used to query data from Oracle Fusion database by developers

RiteSync is used to extract the data from Oracle Fusion database for data warehouses or data lakes for developing custom reporting using non Oracle BI tools like PowerBI, SplashBI etc


Accelerating your Oracle Fusion implementation is about more than just adopting a new system—it’s a strategic approach to transformation. By embracing RiteSuite, your organization can unlock the true potential of reducing the overall implementation timeliness, realize ROI early than the traditional implementation methodology without any accelerators/tools/products and paving the way for efficiency, accuracy and innovation.

Written by Rajkamal M

Rajkamal is the Head of Products at Rite Software. He has over 21 years of expertise in Oracle Products. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a robust track record in delivering complex programs in the role of a Solution Architect. He has in-depth knowledge of technical, functional, and domain aspects, especially in Finance, Supply Chain, and HR. Apart from his technical skills, he actively plays a role in leading and supporting business development and operations at Rite Software.

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