What are Application Managed Services and What are its Benefits?

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  • March 8, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On March 8, 2022

What are Application Managed Services?

Businesses often find it challenging to keep their applications aligned with their evolving business and user needs. Application managed services mean that you employ a service provider to maintain your applications. You can avoid the stress of routine application management and instead focus on your core business. It also optimizes your applications, allowing your team to spend valuable time and resources on more significant innovation and improved support levels.

Application managed services help you build a planned and continuous process to maintain efficiency and constantly optimize the performance of your applications. You can increase productivity, lower costs, and drive business value by extending the life cycle of your mission-critical applications.

Key Benefits of Application Managed Services

Is application management the best fit for your business needs? We have listed some of the key benefits to help you make the right decision:

Reduce Costs

When you outsource application management to an external service provider, you free up your team to deal with other issues that add strategic value to your organization. You can employ specialized professionals with proven expertise in hosting and running applications, saving time and money.

On the other hand, many businesses are still running legacy applications that are extremely difficult to maintain because they are outdated. Opting for application managed services streamlines your IT landscape by ensuring that qualified professionals are in charge of managing your applications.

Gain Access to Qualified Experts

Several specialists are required to maintain specific applications, and it can be challenging to find and retain the correct type of talent. Application management ensures that end-to-end specialized services are available full-time as part of the package whenever needed. This arrangement is especially beneficial for companies with small internal IT teams who cannot effectively support diverse and complex application needs. It reduces the need to hire a large IT team and frees your existing IT team to deal with more critical issues.

Improve Change Management

The IT landscape in organizations is subject to constant change, which can be very difficult to manage. Applications are continuously being updated, enhanced, customized, or replaced, leaving you to deal with cumbersome issues related to change management. Application managed services streamline org-wide change management by ensuring that experts with prior experience deal with complex changes. Your application management provider is responsible for handling all change-related initiatives automatically or by request, as per your SLAs.

Improve Application Performance

Application managed services ensure better performance, reliability, and flexibility at a lower cost than traditional IT maintenance. You can use application management software to track and measure application performance, storage, security, and several other parameters that are critical to your success. With greater transparency, you can ensure that all your applications, both on-premise, and the cloud, perform optimally, track continuous improvements, and determine whether your objectives are met.

Faster Transition to the Cloud

With application management, you can easily transition from on-premise to cloud applications as you have an experienced partner to guide you through the cloud journey. However, cloud applications present their challenges to application management, especially if you have a hybrid IT environment in the organization. But working with the right application managed services provider can help you navigate these challenges and offer considerable benefits in the long run.

Selecting the right application managed services partner depends on your IT landscape and future requirements. It would be best if you considered several factors while choosing a service provider, including your required skill sets, the ability of your internal IT teams, your existing and future business applications, the costs involved, and the availability of 24×7 support.

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