Why Businesses are Migrating from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

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  • February 4, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On February 4, 2022

Businesses are moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud for several reasons:

  • Improve business agility
  • Manage growth more efficiently
  • Reduce the costs and time involved in new projects
  • Increase the productivity of IT departments
Many businesses have been running Oracle EBS for several years and have complex customizations and integrations with internal and third-party applications to suit their needs. Why should you consider migrating Oracle EBS to cloud, especially Oracle Cloud? How do Oracle’s cloud offerings compare with other leading cloud providers? There is more than one option for migrating Oracle EBS to cloud.
  1. Moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  2. Moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Applications

This blog will cover both options in detail and explain the benefits of migrating Oracle EBS to the cloud vs. keeping your EBS applications on-premise.

1. Moving Oracle EBS to OCI

Most on-premises EBS deployments can migrate to OCI without needing too much configuration, integration, or business process changes. It ensures an implementation that offers greater flexibility, reliability, and performance at a lower cost than both on-premises and other cloud options.

Benefits of migrating Oracle EBS to cloud:

  • The total cost of ownership is 38% lower than on-premises deployments and 44% lower than AWS
  • Lower your CAPEX by ensuring that your data centers are efficient, eliminating unnecessary server hardware, and leveraging cloud flexibility wherever possible
  • Increase your EBS performance by 30% and improve reporting speeds by 2-10x
  • RTO < 4 hours and RPO < 4 hours ensures high availability.
  • Increase your Oracle EBS availability
  • Fast, technology updates and patching while staying in place
  • Proactively monitor your costs and usage
  • Quickly scale up or scale down whenever required.
  • Integrate easily with your existing systems, both on-premise and cloud
  • Oracle handles your security and compliance, reducing audit duration and costs

2. Moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Applications

The move from on-premise Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Applications is already taking place because they offer several key advantages. Oracle Cloud Applications are a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage your business processes and help your business grow, innovate and leap ahead of the competition. They automate manual processes, offer better visibility, are more flexible to deploy and run, and can be scaled easily.

Modern Business ProcessesOracle Cloud Applications are built on best-in-class cloud architecture using modern best practices and avoid ineffective paths based on old approaches and custom code.

Customization vs. Configuration – Customizations are a severe issue with on-premises Oracle EBS applications. Many customizations increase the complexity of your environment and aren’t upgrade-ready. Every customization or extension in your EBS system takes additional time and incurs extra costs to test and validate. Oracle Cloud applications can easily be configured according to your needs and help avoid unnecessary customizations.

Leverage Emerging Technologies – With an on-premises Oracle EBS deployment, it can be very challenging to take advantage of new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Predictive Analytics and apply them in your business processes. Oracle Cloud Applications offer inbuilt capabilities that support all these needs and help you transform your business process to stay ahead of your competition.

Flexibility – On-premises Oracle EBS can struggle to keep up with the needs of companies experiencing rapid growth and global expansion. Your on-premises EBS applications can hamper international mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. It can also create challenges when you’re facing new compliance requirements. Oracle Cloud Applications are highly flexible and scalable and specifically built to address the challenges of modern businesses. Can Scale up or scale down as you need. Standardized global processes with easy localization support international expansion while complying with local regulations.

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