Why Businesses are Moving to Oracle Cloud

  • June 6, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On June 6, 2022
Oracle Company was late to the cloud game and had a lot of catching up to do to take on the cloud giants like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (GCP). Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps enterprises seamlessly transition from on-premise to the cloud with improved automation and security. OCI provides best-in-class scalability and availability, integrated governance and control, and is supported by robust SLAs. OCI also supports emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain. Oracle’s enterprise customers have advanced from experimenting with these technologies in a sandbox to executing them for mission-critical applications and building new business models. OCI addresses vital issues associated with competing cloud providers, which are not designed to handle extensive financial data or government workloads. OCI provides faster and predictable performance, better security, and greater compatibility for enterprise workloads at lower costs. Oracle is the only technology provider that provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services – enabling you to deploy mission-critical applications.

You must know that here are a few key reasons why businesses choose Oracle Cloud over the competition.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Better Performance

OCI delivers a wide range of capabilities with advanced solutions such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). Oracle is best suited to run autonomous workloads with an infrastructure that offers low latency, high availability, resiliency, and predictable performance. Data is stored in Oracle’s object storage, and multiple copies are automatically replicated, providing high availability and resiliency. The autonomous self-repairing capabilities of OCI ensure that your data stays healthy and users can always access the last-known reliable version.

Better Security

Security is a crucial design principle within OCI, and it offers advanced protection such as customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and automated threat remediation. OCI isolates compute and network resources to ensure that your data is protected from other users. It also separates your code, data, and resources from management machines, preventing attackers from stealing or manipulating data in the cloud. Oracle Cloud presents a limited attack surface through granular customer isolation. Layers of defense with built-in firewalls, DDoS, and encryption proactively detect and stop threats. Customers can establish identity at the new perimeter and use adaptive authentication to automatically add further verification when user activity indicates higher levels of risk. OCI offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services across cloud and on-premise.

Optimized for Oracle Workloads

OCI offers several unique features that support migrating and running Oracle’s databases and enterprise applications. Too many changes are not needed to move Oracle applications to OCI, reducing the cost and duration of the cloud migration project. Running Oracle applications and databases on OCI provides high availability, performance, scalability, and seamless operations via ongoing upgrades and patches. OCI also offers a wide range of migration, provisioning, and management tools for the top Oracle applications, including Oracle EBSPeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards and their associated customizations and databases. OCI also optimizes analytics and transaction processing for Oracle Autonomous Database workloads. Easily you can connect multiple data sources and combine data across the enterprise to support informed decision-making.

Comprehensive Support

OCI offers an open, standards-based, and integrated application development platform, enabling you to build quickly, deploy and manage modern cloud applications cost-effectively. OCI also provides support and streamlined integration with SaaS and on-premise applications while lowering the cost of running and managing high-performance workloads. Supported by robust SLAs, the modern architecture of OCI reduces latency and minimizes the risk of other users impacting your cloud environment.

Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications Services offer a complete suite of enterprise applications bringing consistent processes and a single source of truth across the business – from enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and supply chain management to customer relationship management. Oracle Cloud Applications are hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle’s cloud services designed to support mission-critical business applications. Deep integration between applications, a standard data model, a common workflow engine, and a consistent user interface ensure that your data is not tangled in silos. You can improve collaboration across departments and support evolving roles and responsibilities.

With a comprehensive suite of modern, cloud-based applications, robust security, and inbuilt future-proof innovations, Oracle Cloud Applications Services help you keep up with evolving requirements and prepare for the future. You don’t have to negotiate with multiple software providers, and you can access better functionality, innovation, and security at lower costs with Oracle Cloud Applications Services. With the right implementation partner who provides end-to-end Oracle Cloud Applications Services, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing your applications.

Build Resilient Finance and Operations – With a complete and connected ERP solution, you can close your books faster, accelerate insights and collaboration by sharing information across the business, and improve forecast accuracy.

Unify HR and Finance – Siloed HR and finance systems make it challenging to analyze workforce data, assess the impact of changes, and scale the workforce up or down based on changing requirements. Bringing your HR and finance systems together can help you break through operational silos, reduce integration complexity, and deliver a consistent experience to all your employees.

Improve Customer Experience – Delivering the right information at the right time to your customers ensures a great customer experience. An end-to-end, connected customer experience solution makes it easier to get new customers globally and deliver new products or services quickly. Deeper insights can improve your understanding of your customers and provide complete visibility into front and back-office operations.

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