CloudMiner Earns Productivity Suite Software Recognition from the Top B2B Review Site

CloudMiner Earns Productivity Suite Software Recognition from the Top B2B Review Site
Published On July 19, 2023

An Oracle Cloud SaaS Query Tool, CloudMiner, has been honored with the Rising Star Award for its time-saving querying functionalities & exporting capabilities.

In appreciation of our Desktop Application expanding user base and rising popularity, CloudMiner is given a Rising Star Award by FinancesOnline, one of the most reputable software review sites today. The distinction is granted to business software programs that, despite being new in the market, have gained the respect of software users and experts alike.

Among other criteria, FinancesOnline investigated how CloudMiner’s features will enhance the productivity of SQL/Database developers by simplifying the hassle of managing the Oracle SaaS data. Expert software reviewers from FinancesOnline also conducted a detailed CloudMiner review and concluded that it provides thorough and efficient functionalities for dealing with Oracle SaaS data. It connects to Oracle Fusion tables, performs queries, and delivers results faster. It can do these tasks in as little as 3.4% of the time typically required. Finding the best Database Query Tool allows clients to obtain targeted information quickly and efficiently from their database.
In their evaluation, the experts at FinancesOnline acknowledged how CloudMiner, an Oracle database query tool, offers good features that SQL developers can utilize them when executing queries. Because of its unique built-in capabilities, it is a powerful and quick GUI-based Oracle Database SaaS Cloud query tool that saves time and effort.

The application is easy to use and install on the desktop. It is a dependable tool with a native desktop interface that works well with Oracle SaaS Cloud PODs such as DEV, Test, and Pro. The expert software reviewers at FinancesOnline conducted a thorough investigation and found that this Oracle database GUI application can be used with various databases. FinancesOnline also highlighted CloudMiner’s usage of a native desktop interface to swiftly run queries in any Oracle Fusion Cloud, such as Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, and others, and display the results like a standard on-premise database query tool. 

CloudMiner, an Oracle database query tool developed by Rite Software, has received high praise from the experts at FinancesOnline for its impressive range of features that empower SQL developers to execute queries effectively. One of the standout qualities of CloudMiner is its user-friendly interface, which ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience. This application offers two convenient login options: direct login and SSO Login. This flexibility allows users to effortlessly access their Oracle Fusion Cloud accounts, including Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, and more. The intuitive CloudMiner’s Connection Manager simplifies managing database connections, making it easier for users to set up and manage connections with databases. This seamless integration extends beyond Oracle Fusion Cloud because CloudMiner can be used with other databases, expanding its versatility and usefulness.

Along with other functional features, such as the ability to export query results in formats such as XLSX, HTML, CSV, etc., users can specify data according to their needs and requirements. To increase productivity, CloudMiner uses Auto-Expand Shortcuts. These shortcuts allow users to streamline their workflow by automating repetitive tasks, ultimately saving valuable time and effort. Another notable feature is the six months of executed SQL History, which gives users a complete record of their previous worksheets. This enables faster referencing, more efficient debugging, and revisiting and reusing previously created SQL statements.

CloudMiner also includes Smart Code Snippets, making it easy to reuse frequently used code segments. This feature contributes to the efficiency and consistency of coding practices, allowing users to access and insert pre-defined code snippets into their queries quickly. The Results Column Manager allows users to customize and manage the display of query results easily. This flexibility ensures the results are presented clearly and organized, enhancing the overall data analysis experience. CloudMiner’s Tabular Formatted Output further enhances data visibility and readability. Users can quickly analyze and interpret data by presenting query results in a structured and simplified format, speeding up the decision-making processes.

The incredible features of CloudMiner along with its user-friendly interface and native desktop integration, has positioned it as the go-to productivity suite software in the industry. CloudMiner’s outstanding functionalities matched the criteria of software review sites when compiling their list of top productivity suites today.
Whether you’re a database administrator or a professional, CloudMiner is designed to help you get the data you need quickly and easily. Its powerful capabilities and rich features make it the most reliable tool for optimizing database performance and optimizing performance.
Rite Software is proud to have received this recognition for CloudMiner from FinancesOnline. Rite Software also thank its clients & customers who have chosen CloudMiner for their productivity suite needs. And promises to remain committed to maintaining high standards and developing more innovative solutions for businesses that enhance entire experience and satisfaction going forward.
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