Advantages of Adopting Oracle PeopleSoft for Your Business

  • December 1, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On December 1, 2022
Managing employee benefits is becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. A comprehensive benefits program can help you attract, train, and retain top performers, while a poorly defined program can adversely impact you. Oracle PeopleSoft offers four benefits applications to manage your employee benefits program – PeopleSoft HR Base Benefits, PeopleSoft Benefits Administration, PeopleSoft Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Administration, and PeopleSoft eBenefits self-service application. These applications can help you develop and run a comprehensive, automated benefits program tailored to your organization’s needs.

Integrated Applications Suite

Oracle PeopleSoft HCM handles basic benefits processing. PeopleSoft Benefits Administration and FSA Administration provide more comprehensive benefits solutions and deliver extensive self-service capabilities with integrated supplier content. PeopleSoft offers an integrated suite of benefits solutions with data-sharing capabilities that enable you to automate data entry, reduce errors, and boost productivity.

Simplify Employee Benefits Billing

The benefits billing component of PeopleSoft allows you to bill employees for their benefits coverage. You can automatically process employee billing information and enroll eligible employees and dependents into the system. Manage global billing processes using a billing calendar and generate accurate employee benefits billing statements. Reconcile and adjust payments and improve visibility into current and historical benefits data.

Automatic Benefits Enrollment

Oracle PeopleSoft automates the benefits enrollment and event maintenance processes, saving you time and effort. Event maintenance helps you monitor personnel changes or events (such as new recruits and terminations) that could make your employees eligible for changes in their benefits.

Automatic Workflows

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Workflow helps you streamline, automate, and direct the flow of employee information in your organization. PeopleSoft delivers prebuilt, predefined workflow processes that can be easily set up according to your organization’s needs.

Powerful Self-Service Capabilities

PeopleSoft empowers your employees by allowing them to access and update information online. Information access is simple and efficient, requiring only a web browser. Self-service web applications allow your employees to access current and historical information and update relevant personal information without needing any support from the IT team.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

PeopleSoft allows you to select from a wide range of prebuilt reports, customize them, or use them as templates for new reports. In addition, you can turn ordinary reports into indispensable management, planning, and analysis tools. Because PeopleSoft applications retain past, current, and projected information, you can create “what-if” and “point-in-time” scenarios. You can directly leverage Kibana analytics for advanced data visualization from your PeopleSoft applications without additional licensing or implementation costs.

Oracle PeopleSoft on OCI

PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration offers higher performance at lower costs and easier cloud migration for Oracle PeopleSoft applications. PeopleSoft customers can migrate and run any workload as is on OCI with advanced security controls and automation. They can reduce risks with Oracle’s comprehensive SLAs that cover performance, availability, and support. Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer offers customers the choice to consume cloud services in the public cloud or ensure lower latency and local control within their own data center.

OCI offers flexible deployment options, high performance, high availability, and low costs for Oracle PeopleSoft workloads. PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration also allows customers to move to a SaaS model in the future, something not possible with other cloud providers. PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration can happen without rearchitecting applications, changing familiar software or IT processes, or introducing additional complexity to your operations.

If you are considering giving a new way to your business modernization journey by transitioning to PeopleSoft or looking forward to any upgrades to your existing system, Rite Software is always there for you. Our PeopleSoft consulting services include strategic procedures to maximize the value of your business investment. Our Oracle cloud experts will assist in revamping your PeopleSoft environment according to the changing business needs.
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