Top 5 Benefits of Choosing NetSuite for Your Business

  • November 22, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On November 22, 2022
NetSuite is one of the most popular cloud applications suites, providing a unified platform for several end-to-end business processes like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more. From easy customizations to flexible pricing, NetSuite Solutions is at the forefront of enterprise applications and delivers a best-in-class experience.

5 Key Benefits of NetSuite Accounting Software

1. Better Visibility

Companies use several disparate systems and applications, making it challenging to optimize business processes and analyze performance. You can’t make good decisions unless you know what’s happening in your business. NetSuite’s real-time dashboards provide an accurate view of core business processes and metrics, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and more – allowing you to analyze, decide, and act using real-time information. With advanced functionality like customizable dashboards, unified customer information, and real-time data access, NetSuite ERP Accounting Software delivers an efficient and personalized user experience where everything is available in one place.

2. High Scalability

Basic accounting software or antiquated technology can hold your business back from growth. One significant benefit of NetSuite accounting software is that it allows your business to scale up or down quickly based on market conditions. Once your data and systems are integrated, mergers, acquisitions, setting up subsidiaries, or expanding product lines becomes much more manageable. NetSuite offers a tiered packaging model allowing companies to grow with NetSuite. Fast-growing businesses can upgrade to NetSuite Enterprise, and those with global operations can upgrade to NetSuite OneWorld. With NetSuite ERP Accounting Software, you don’t have to consider upgrading or changing your ERP every few years as you expand. NetSuite is designed to suit organizations of all sizes and cater to their ever-changing needs.

3. Greater Efficiency

Manual spreadsheets and disparate systems make everything more complex and time-consuming. NetSuite accounting software combines everything in one place so all your teams can access the information they need without having to spend time accessing data multiple times in different places. NetSuite provides a unified cloud-based platform to manage all your business processes – ERP, HCM, CRM, eCommerce, and more – eliminating the need to run separate applications for each business process. NetSuite’s advantages also stretch beyond the platform as it integrates with various third-party systems, keeping users within the platform while adding functionality from other platforms.

4. Flexible Pricing

On-premise IT infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain. Cloud-based ERP Solutions like NetSuite accounting software save costs and free your IT team to focus on growth and innovation. You can run core business processes and workflows without incurring the added costs of maintaining IT infrastructure and resources. NetSuite offers a four-tiered pricing strategy – NetSuite BPO, NetSuite Starter Package, NetSuite for Mid-Market, and NetSuite Enterprise. You can decide on the best option based on your size, the number of users, and business objectives. You can also use a pricing calculator to guide you through the packages and pricing and select the best NetSuite package that fits your requirements.

5. Customization

NetSuite accounting software allows you to access critical information from any device, anywhere in the world, whenever you need it, via the internet. To support a global user base with vastly different requirements, NetSuite offers multilingual capabilities and easily customizable dashboards across more than 30 modules and numerous add-ons. These customizations can be tailored to suit the unique needs of each business, helping overcome NetSuite’s reporting limitations. You can create custom dashboards for different users within your organization and mirror them via your dashboard; these reports are primarily located within NetSuite and give insight into your business through analytics based on customers, departments, sales, and more.


A cloud ERP implementation can feel like a daunting task. But businesses can realize several benefits by implementing NetSuite ERP Accounting Software. As a NetSuite Partner and long-time NetSuite Solution Provider, Rite Software has helped several businesses across industry verticals implement NetSuite to automate different business functions. In that time, we’ve witnessed firsthand how NetSuite can transform business processes and improve visibility.
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