Benefits of Migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • November 1, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On November 1, 2022

As organizations adopt cloud solutions, some on-premise workloads can be moved quickly and seamlessly to the cloud. But many organizations need help moving their core enterprise applications, which present greater complexities around performance, security, and control.

Moving your Oracle applications, such as Oracle EBS to OCI Migration can lower TCO, increase agility, and improve productivity. OCI’s unique migration, provisioning, and management tools and Cloud Lift services facilitate rapid deployment while retaining key customizations and integrations.

Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

How can EBS customers address the critical implementation concerns, technical requirements, and business challenges involved with OCI migration? How can you leverage supporting cloud services, third-party integrations, reference architectures, and best practices to align with your existing application environment and requirements?

Your Oracle EBS applications may be customized to suit your needs and be deeply integrated with other applications to simplify daily operations. Therefore, re-architecting and retraining employees with an entirely new SaaS offering may not be practical. Oracle EBS to OCI migration allows you to do everything you already did using Oracle EBS on-premises, such as controlling the performance, security, and business continuity plans.

Benefits of Oracle EBS to OCI Migration

You can migrate most on-premises Oracle EBS applications to OCI without needing significant configuration, integration, or business process changes. Your implementation is more flexible and more reliable, with higher performance and a lower cost than on-premises or other public clouds.

Studies show that Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has the following benefits:
  • 38% lower TCO than on-premises deployments and 44% lower TCO than AWS
  • Lower CAPEX by eliminating server hardware and leveraging cloud flexibility
  • 30% better performance and up to 10 times faster reporting
  • High availability with RTO and RPO < 4 hours
  • Higher availability with Oracle Real Application Clusters or Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Rapid “in-place” technology refresh and patching
  • Proactive monitoring of usage and costs
  • Quick scaling up or down according to business demand
  • Federated identity with your existing systems
  • Better security and compliance that Oracle manages
  • Predictable OPEX with a pay-as-you-go model
  • Leverage your existing investments by bringing your own Oracle licenses to OCI
  • Design, deploy, and manage your environment with the help of Oracle Advanced Customer Services (ACS) and partner network

Total Cost of Ownership

OCI is easier to migrate, manage, and scale, so running Oracle EBS on OCI is less expensive than running it on-premises or on another cloud.

Tooling and Infrastructure Support

OCI is explicitly designed to support workloads like Oracle EBS, offering a wide range of tooling and infrastructure support systems.

High-Performance Computing

OCI delivers higher-performance computing, storage, and networking, providing a high-performance experience for your users at low costs.

Faster and Easier Migration

OCI provides specific solutions and automation to simplify deployment, migration, upgrades, and maintenance, reducing the time, risks, and costs associated with Oracle EBS to OCI migration.

What is Oracle EBS Lift and Shift?

Moving the same Oracle EBS applications from on-premises to OCI without significant changes is commonly known as Oracle EBS Lift and Shift. It minimizes your user training and adoption costs as you can move your existing EBS environment to the cloud while bringing your existing licenses.

You can choose to retain all your customizations or select the ones most critical to your operations and move them to the cloud. Oracle EBS Lift and Shift is faster than other approaches, ensures a consistent user experience post-migration, and reduces unnecessary risks.

What are Oracle Cloud Lift Services?

The Oracle Cloud Lift Services program is a global initiative, providing guidance from Oracle’s cloud engineers on planning and executing OCI migrations from inception to go-live. Eligible customers can move mission-critical workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in days or weeks instead of months and derive greater value from their OCI investments.
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