Why is it More Beneficial to Move from On-Premise HR Systems to Oracle HCM Cloud?

  • November 3, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On November 3, 2022

Traditional on-premises HR solutions can’t keep up with the demands of a modern workforce. The HR function is under constant pressure to quickly deliver insights that can streamline talent management and achieve strategic goals. The need for a seamless digital experience also continues to rise.

Moving to a Cloud-Based HCM Solution is the best option to meet these challenges and future-proof your organization. Cloud-based HCM solutions provide greater visibility into your workforce so you can attract, grow, engage, and retain your talent. But, all cloud-based HCM solutions are different. Oracle HCM Cloud services deliver the most complete, unified, and effective cloud HCM solution. With Oracle HCM Cloud services, organizations can:
  • Unify global HR processes, such as talent management, workforce management, and payroll, with one common data source, eliminating the need for third-party solutions
  • Manage the entire talent lifecycle in one place, from sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding to performance management, career development, and succession planning
  • Deliver AI-powered insights to your workforce anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Monitor the correct HR data with prebuilt and customizable analytics

Benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud Services

Business Agility

Modern business environments are changing rapidly, and HR organizations are unprepared to deal with these changes. Events like mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and other such events create complexities that on-premises HCM solutions cannot effectively address. Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud gives you the flexibility and scalability to quickly meet new business requirements at low costs without relying too much on your IT team.

Operational Efficiency

On-premise HR systems are often disconnected from the rest of your business, limiting 360-degree visibility and hampering your ability to make intelligent decisions. Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud unifies business data in a single source of truth across all your HR processes and from all business areas, including payroll, planning, etc. This single source of truth delivers a consistent and up-to-date experience for all stakeholders and drives better business outcomes.

Continuous Innovation

Moving on-premise HR systems to the cloud helps you leverage cutting-edge, emerging technologies, such as digital assistants, predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, in your processes. Oracle HCM Cloud services deliver quarterly updates with new and exciting features based on customer surveys and feedback. These features can transform your operations by providing actionable insights and recommendations based on employee behavior and preferences.

Lower Costs

Customizations and integrations become more complex as your business evolves and the cost of on-premises solutions increases. With cloud-based HCM systems, you can avoid the significant costs associated with running and maintaining on-premises servers and hardware. Moving to Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud ensures a more complete and configurable solution with the latest features and functionality, lowering the cost of software upgrades. You can also shift your business from a licensing to a subscription model with predictable costs – from CAPEX to OPEX.

Personalized Experience

Today’s employees demand a personalized user experience from their HR systems. Unlike outdated on-premise HR systems, Oracle HCM Cloud services offer an intuitive, unified, and consistent employee experience across the entire HR lifecycle from hire to retirement. You can combine employee communication, workflows, networking, and support on a unified platform and use data to deliver a personalized experience to every employee.

Adaptable and extensible

Business environments can change drastically, and HR is usually at the forefront of navigating these changes. They must be able to adapt quickly to new challenges and have the ability to configure data to meet evolving needs rapidly. Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud delivers a flexible and adaptable solution to keep pace with changing business needs with little IT involvement. You can also use Oracle PaaS to extend your applications to fit the needs of your business.

Complete Solution

Oracle HCM Cloud is a complete HR solution – built as a unified cloud solution for all HR processes from hire to retirement. It delivers end-to-end visibility into your workforce, from talent management, learning and development, employee experience, payroll, and benefits to workforce planning, analytics, safety, and time and attendance. It provides a consistent HR experience for your employees and creates one source of truth for HR data across the enterprise. You can also improve collaboration by connecting different departments across finance, HR, supply chain, sales, and marketing using APIs and integrations.

Data Privacy and Security

Oracle HCM Cloud data is stored in state-of-the-art data centers with advanced multilayered security measures to help customers meet local and international regulations. Your information is protected using encryption and continuous monitoring to mitigate risks. With companies moving to a distributed workforce model, automated user access and monitoring ensure that employee data is only accessed as intended.


Rite Software offers Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Solutions, a complete, cloud-native solution that spans end-to-end HR processes – from hire to retirement. Migrating to Oracle HCM Cloud can help you drive faster innovation, enhance the user experience, and reduce IT costs.
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