Planning in Oracle EPM Cloud – Features and Benefits

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  • January 20, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On January 20, 2022
Planning is a business process in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud suitable for both financial and operational planning across the enterprise, including IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, and other lines of business. It provides operational planners with the flexibility and scalability needed to optimize their planning while delivering financial planners the necessary control and transparency. Oracle EPM Cloud Planning provides advanced out-of-the-box planning frameworks that are highly configurable, but you can also build a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.

Pre-built Modules of Oracle EPM Cloud

Oracle EPM Cloud Planning includes pre-built modules that cater to your unique planning needs.

Strategy – This module is used for scenario modeling and includes rich features for side-by-side financial and operational analysis of several business scenarios. It is helpful for both corporate users and users in the business units.

Financials – This module is a fully integrated financial statement planning solution across the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. It includes four sub-processes – Revenue, Expense, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow – that can be enabled incrementally.

Workforce – This module is designed for the planning related to employees and addresses the needs of both HR and Finance. It integrates with your HCM systems for a complete solution to manage employee budgets, skills, and talent.

Projects – This module is designed to be suitable for multiple use cases. Project-oriented industries can leverage the detailed project financial planning process that supports granular planning associated with large-scale projects. It is also well-suited for departments in any organization that need a more streamlined approach to planning projects.

Capital – This module is well-suited for businesses with significant capital assets. It addresses the planning needs associated with capital assets and accounts for the impact of these assets across your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.

Benefits of Oracle EPM Cloud

  • Build custom planning and forecasting models or deploy pre-built planning models that include calculations, dashboards, and reports
  • Highly scalable and suitable for both operational and financial planning processes
  • Adapt your planning processes as your business needs evolve
  • Get actionable insights into your business with advanced dashboards, analytics, what-if, and predictive capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for upfront capital expenditure

Features of Oracle EPM Cloud

Out-of-the-box Capabilities

Out-of-the-box planning modules can be tailored to your specific requirements using configuration. It allows you to combine configured processes with a growing library of pre-built planning components such as KPIs, models, dashboards, reports, and process accelerators.

Fast And Easy Deployment

Configurable planning modules can be deployed and made operational with minimal effort. They are also easy to maintain and upgrade as your business planning needs evolve. It allows even business users without advanced technical skills to design complex planning processes. Instead of a long and cumbersome Oracle EPM Cloud Implementation, you can get up and running quickly and evolve the planning process in an agile way over time.

Connect Enterprise Planning Processes

Planning should not be limited to the finance department. Organizations must seamlessly connect their operational and financial planning processes to be truly successful at enterprise planning. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Planning helps you achieve this through a flexible architecture that helps connect and align planning processes across the organization while allowing individual planners to operate independently.

Predictive Modeling And Analytics

Oracle EPM Cloud Planning provides advanced modeling and predictive analytical capabilities, enabling businesses to create models for volatility and financial and operational changes. Users can create and analyze different what-if scenarios, and the rolling forecast wizard simplifies the forecasting process and makes it more accurate.

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