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  • January 24, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On January 24, 2022
Understand the various benefits and positive business outcomes that customers experience after moving to Oracle Analytics Cloud, such as eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, reduced analytical bias, improved decision making, etc.
Data analytics tools are becoming easier to use, but delivering analytics is becoming more demanding. Today, businesses have greater analytics expectations and needs and less time to prepare and interpret data. It has become more complex because organizations today have many more data sources to blend and prepare than ever before. Additionally, businesses are trying to project data to estimate what will happen in the future. Suppose we restrict analyses only through centralized, curated data models. In that case, IT becomes a bottleneck – especially the speed at which this data had generated and the urgency and sheer number of analytics requests.

Oracle Analytics Cloud offers a modern, cloud-native platform that simplifies these issues and helps you understand historical facts and future projections based on all available data. Oracle Analytics Cloud users can connect to any data source, blend different sources, or transform and enrich the data based on their specific analytics needs. Users can create and modify stunning dashboards and visualizations and share content with their teams for better collaboration. Businesses can also use state-of-the-art capabilities such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to generate insights.

Improve System and Query Performance

Oracle Cloud Analytics Solutions help customers move data efficiently from multiple sources, gain access to new data types, streamline data transformation, make faster changes, and provide more immediate access to analytics for business users. It enables business users to discover correlations and explore potential hypotheses, accelerating time-to-value. Oracle Analytics Cloud also helps customers avoid unnecessary delays in acquiring, ingesting, and analyzing data and executing complex queries. OAC users can simplify and accelerate creating and using a database, such as gathering data, creating usable dimensions, and analyzing data to gain meaningful insights for better decision-making.

Enhanced Analytics and Self-service Capabilities

Customers can take advantage of the self-service analytics capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud for data preparation, visualization, and reporting to improve reporting and user efficiency. With integrated data preparation capabilities that ensure enriched data and analytics dashboards, you can easily access information, pull content from several sources, and provide better and more actionable insights. You can also perform advanced analytics such as forecasting and clustering and significantly reduce report generation and analysis time. With OAC’s automated, self-service, easy-to-use analytics, dashboards, and collaboration capabilities across teams, you can also improve user productivity.

Faster Time to Value

By selecting the right Oracle Cloud Analytics solutions provider and implementation partner, customers can reduce implementation time, accelerate time to value with faster deployment and embed data analytics into their business processes. Oracle Analytics Cloud can be rapidly provisioned and elastically scaled to meet project demand. Its ease of use reduces administrative overhead. With multiple deployment options and lift and shift from on-premises solutions, customers can reduce deployment time and use a robust and flexible platform to deploy analytics at scale and transform data into insights.

Lower Costs

Oracle Analytics Cloud automates data discovery, data preparation, and data visualization operations, enabling customers to reduce costs and support greater business agility by scaling up and scaling down as needed. Out-of-the-box capabilities for self-service reporting, data visualization, and mobile analytics improve overall productivity and reduce the reliance on your IT team, resulting in lower costs. You can also significantly reduce infrastructure and IT overhead costs by moving to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure.
To get the maximum value from your Oracle Cloud Analytics solution, Rite Software offers a best-practice-based approach to OAC implementation. It ensures timely project completion with an emphasis on knowledge transfer and training. We use pre-built tools, scripts, and templates to accelerate development and build custom Oracle Analytics Cloud solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.

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