The Benefits of Integrating Oracle PeopleSoft with IoT

  • August 10, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On August 10, 2022
Oracle PeopleSoft is designed to tackle complex business challenges, enabling organizations to drive productivity, increase business performance, and ensure a low cost of ownership. PeopleSoft continues to support innovation with new features, functionality, and enhancements in its latest release. It is easy to configure and customize, offering a modern, intuitive user experience and giving users timely information anywhere, on any device. PeopleSoft provides the flexibility to adopt updates and changes selectively. PeopleSoft is faster, easier, and more affordable to run and manage, both on-premises and in the cloud. Moreover, with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption, you can deliver new features and capabilities faster by choosing the updates you want when you want them.

Oracle PeopleSoft on OCI

Customers are migrating mission-critical enterprise applications and databases like Peoplesoft to the cloud to improve operational efficiencies, drive application performance, and increase availability. Customers prefer to perform PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Migration without too many changes to familiar software or IT processes. Unlike competing cloud providers, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) makes these migrations easier and more cost-effective.
PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Migration provides the best deployment options, performance, availability, and lowest costs for Oracle databases and workloads. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can help you migrate and administer Oracle PeopleSoft on OCI. Using prebuilt templates, you can automate the lift and shift of your PeopleSoft instances from on-premise deployment to OCI. For enterprise Oracle Cloud Applications such as ERP, HCM, etc., Oracle offers customers the ability to upgrade to a SaaS model, which is not an option with other cloud providers.
Benefits of Oracle PeopleSoft on OCI:
  • A complete technology stack that’s designed for the cloud
  • Proactive monitoring and change management
  • Availability of dedicated and skilled PeopleSoft resources
  • Low TCO compared to other vendors
  • High support and service levels

Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT

Integrating Oracle PeopleSoft with the Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit back-office and front-office processes. IoT systems enable real-time data sharing between external machines, devices, sensors, and the PeopleSoft application. This data sharing happens in real-time and is highly accurate, increasing the possibility of gaining actionable insights.

Real-Time Insights

Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT data can provide vital business insights instantaneously. The continuous data stream from IoT sensors and devices helps you gain real-time insights and perform real-time analysis. You can transform from a reactive to a proactive approach and integrate PeopleSoft with AI and ML, ensuring that employees have the right information at the right time to help them make the right decisions.

Asset Monitoring

Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT creates a digital twin version of your organization and organizational assets and lets you monitor your assets’ location, condition, and utilization. You can know the asset locations and asset health conditions at all times. With anomaly detection and predictive analytics, you can identify problems in time and schedule preventive maintenance and replacements.

Decision Making

Successful digital transformation requires actionable insights, which depend on the quality and quantity of the data collected by IoT devices. Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT can improve data quality and availability, ensuring that asset health and utilization changes are directly reflected in the ERP system in real-time. Relevant personnel will be notified of these events, enabling them to use this vital information to take immediate action as required.

Operational Efficiency

Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT can improve operational efficiency as many manual tasks are automated. For instance, you will require no human effort to scan a barcode and input the data automatically into the system. Real-time ordering, stocking, inventory, shipping, and delivery information can be tracked and updated in PeopleSoft using embedded IoT sensors in machines and parts.


Integrating PeopleSoft with IoT establishes a direct link between production and consumption by collecting real-time consumer data and sending it to your PeopleSoft application. You can capture information about how, when, and at what frequency your products are being used, consumer demographics, etc., all of which make forecasting more accurate and effective.
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