What are the Advantages of Oracle E-Business Suite in the Future?

  • August 2, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On August 2, 2022
Several organizations rely on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to run their critical business operations. Oracle continues to deliver new features and innovations by providing long-term Premier Support for Oracle EBS.

Continuous Innovation on Oracle EBS 12.2

Oracle’s Continuous Innovation strategy includes adding new capabilities to Oracle EBS 12.2, delivering ongoing applications and underlying technology stack updates without needing a significant upgrade. Oracle is providing long-term support for Oracle EBS 12.2 with Premier Support till at least 2033.
As you add capabilities to Oracle EBS products, Oracle is making timely enhancements to ensure that Oracle EBS can fully leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and coexist effectively with complementary Oracle SaaS applications.
The Continuous Innovation release model segregates technology stack updates from applications code updates, allowing Oracle EBS customers to experience the latest technology while retaining their current applications code level.

Applications Updates

These are updates to the Oracle EBS 12.2 applications code, analogous to the 12.2.x updates that are available annually. Updates will be cumulative and combine bug fixes and new features into a consolidated, suite-wide patch set that works with Online Patching.

Technology Stack Updates

These updates enable the needed refresh of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies underlying Oracle EBS. They will allow customers to obtain new versions of the technology stack without upgrading the Oracle EBS applications code.

Applications Unlimited for Oracle EBS

The Applications Unlimited program is Oracle’s commitment to continuous innovation for select Oracle on-premise applications while offering Oracle Premier Support through at least 2033.

Support for Customers

Oracle understands that on-premises applications are essential for many customers and will offer Oracle Premier Support for on-premises applications on continuous innovation releases until 2033. Based on a stable and predictable long-term support policy, customers can confidently maximize and expand their existing Oracle EBS investments, with ample time for future planning.

Support for Innovation

Oracle plans to continue product investment for improvement and support with continuous innovation releases. Oracle will deliver new functionality as updates to the existing release and will not require an Oracle EBS upgrade to access new features and capabilities. Fixes and updates are cumulative and will become available to all customers in the latest release. Besides running your applications on-premises, you can also choose to run these continuous innovation applications on OCI with your business-specific customizations.

On-Premises Applications with Cloud Flexibility

Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy also puts you in control of your Oracle EBS upgrade. You can add functionality without upgrades while on the continuous innovation release. You enjoy continued peace of mind, knowing that Oracle will be there to support your business. From either on-premises or OCI, you can also choose to leverage additional SaaS applications. You select the configuration and the options that meet your business requirements.

Oracle EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Running Oracle EBS on OCI enables you to increase business agility, drive growth, save time and costs for new projects, and maximize the productivity of your IT staff.

Deployment Options

You can either run both EBS and the EBS database on OCI or run EBS on OCI and the EBS database on an associate database service. Alternatively, you can run EBS in your data center and the EBS database on Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer.
With an OCI Compute subscription and automation tools, you can quickly provision new instances of Oracle EBS and lift and shift your existing Oracle EBS instances from on-premises to OCI with optional database services.

Benefits of Running Oracle EBS on OCI

Businesses must stay agile to quickly respond to changing market conditions, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, globalization, and regulatory or process changes. They must be able to adopt new technologies or functionality. IT can quickly provision new development and test environments in response to such changes while ensuring the continuity of day-to-day operations.
OCI is elastic and allows IT to scale the infrastructure up or down based on demand. The flexibility to pay-as-you-go decreases upfront CAPEX and reduces wait times for hardware and other resources, lowering overall project risk. Oracle’s Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) also provides managed services for customers running Oracle EBS on OCI.

Licensing Fees

OCI resources and services are available for subscription by Oracle customers. Customers who own Oracle EBS product licenses may use their OCI subscription to provision and deploy Oracle EBS on OCI. You can use the deployed instances for development, testing, training, and so on. Once a customer purchases a subscription to OCI, no additional Oracle EBS license is required.

Customization and Extension

The same Oracle tools you use for your on-premises data center are available for you to customize or extend your Oracle EBS instances on OCI.

Oracle Application Management Suite allows you to migrate changes across your Oracle EBS instances from OCI Compute to on-premises and vice versa. You can clone your on-premises environments to the cloud to create a complete Oracle EBS development and testing environment that uses your existing data.

Oracle EBS architecture is the same whether deployed on-premises or on Oracle Cloud. You can deploy all third-party components in an Oracle EBS application instance in the cloud. Customers can also use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to host other applications that integrate with their Oracle EBS systems.

Managing Oracle EBS Environments on OCI

The same tool used to provision Oracle EBS to the OCI Compute service and associated database services, Oracle EBS Cloud Manager, can be used to manage the resulting environments. Cloning, backup, discovery, and other capabilities are available. The Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle EBS allows you to monitor and manage OCI and on-premises instances with a unified interface.

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