What are the Most Commonly Used Oracle Cloud Applications?

  • July 28, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On July 28, 2022
Oracle Cloud Applications offers a complete suite of SaaS solutions that bring standardized processes and a single source of truth across your business functions – from finance and procurement to supply chain and human resources. Oracle Cloud Applications help you improve your customer relationships, increase business agility, and help you adapt quickly to a changing market environment.
With Oracle Cloud Applications, you get the most advanced features and functionality that simplify managing software and hardware. A fully integrated SaaS suite connects your business, creates a single version of the truth, and drives innovation in your business models and processes.
A common data model and workflow engine, deep integration between applications, and a consistent UI across applications ensure that your data is not trapped in silos. Users across your organization can access the latest features and functionality, driving collaboration across departments and helping you beat your competition. Here are some of the top applications in the Oracle SaaS suite.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle ERP Cloud can future-proof your business across accounting, consolidation, procurement, projects, and reporting. It also provides advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate manual processes, real-time analytics to respond quickly to market demand, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

Make Accurate Predictions

Oracle ERP Cloud uses machine learning to aid predictive planning and forecasting so you can utilize broader datasets, reveal hidden biases, uncover significant deviations, and speed up your response time.

Automate Manual Processes

Oracle ERP Cloud gives your team more time for strategic activities by automating the most time-consuming, mundane tasks and business processes. You can use AI to automate up to 96% of transactions.

Accelerate Processes

Oracle’s AI-powered digital assistant simplifies and speeds up everyday tasks by enabling you to ask simple questions directly. Personalized notifications are delivered to you proactively to ensure faster approvals.

Transform Your Business Model

Oracle ERP Cloud makes it easier to identify and adopt new business models and monitor results in real-time, continuously allowing you to optimize your strategy. With AI/ML-powered insights, you can predict and solve problems before they cause significant damage.

Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle EPM Cloud enables you to model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, providing the agility and insights to drive better decisions. Incorporating line-of-business insights into planning processes can help you align organizational goals, speed decision-making, and improve agility.

Connected Planning

Companies are moving from siloed to connected planning to enhance business performance. Oracle EPM Cloud provides a unified view of financial, operational, and line-of-business planning, and improving overall planning accuracy. Emerging technologies, such as AI, ML, and predictive analytics, allow finance teams to integrate real-time data into planning and enable faster decision-making.

Scenario Planning

Companies are faced with massive uncertainty as they are dealing with continuous disruption. Modern finance teams are using scenario planning to eliminate guesswork, allowing them to develop an effective response to scenarios that can potentially impact the business.

Greater Transparency

Oracle EPM Cloud empowers CIOs to effectively run IT as a business, bringing greater transparency into IT shared services and more insight to support IT investment decisions.

Human Capital Management

Oracle HCM Cloud is an end-to-end HR solution connecting all your HR processes from recruitment to retirement. It offers a consistent experience across devices, enables a single source of truth for HR data, and empowers you with advanced capabilities to transform your processes and improve decision-making.

Personalize Employee Experience

Oracle HCM Cloud enhances the employee experience by delivering personalized direction and communication to every employee and helps them connect seamlessly with their manager and colleagues.

Increase Agility

With a unified cloud solution across HR, finance, sales, and planning, you can deliver a single source of truth to improve decision-making, a consistent employee experience, easy scalability, and the ability to quickly modify your processes based on changing demand.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle SCM Cloud can help you transform traditional supply chains into agile and integrated value chains. Organizations can seamlessly connect their supply chain to create a resilient network and respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

Increase Efficiencies

Oracle SCM Cloud improves end-to-end visibility, forecast accuracy, and collaboration with resilient and flexible supply chain planning and execution. Businesses can drive process efficiencies at low costs with integrated solutions that help them adapt to evolving market conditions.

Intelligent Operations

Oracle SCM Cloud helps you analyze operational, machine, product, and customer data to discover and predict trends, model scenarios, and build plans. You can drive innovation faster, adjust plans and forecasts quickly, and improve decision-making.

Enhance Customer Experience

Oracle SCM Cloud offers a unified sales, service, and supply chain management solution that helps you exceed customer expectations. You can work and collaborate more effectively with social and mobile capabilities that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services is a useful option for businesses that need to scale quickly but cannot afford the necessary resources or infrastructure to support the transition. Application Managed Services for Oracle Cloud Applications allows you to outsource this activity to a team of experts to manage and optimize your Oracle Cloud Applications without hiring full-time resources.

Oracle ERP Integration Service

Oracle Cloud Applications need to integrate with your existing on-premise and SaaS applications. Oracle Integration Cloud Service is the best option for companies struggling with cloud integration. With Oracle ERP Integration Service, you can seamlessly integrate your SaaS and on-premises applications.

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