What’s New in Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2?

  • August 8, 2023
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On August 8, 2023
Oracle Hyperion is a suite of integrated enterprise performance management (EPM) applications designed to effectively help organizations manage their financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and reporting processes. The Oracle Hyperion EPM suite includes various products that cater to specific EPM needs, enabling businesses to improve their financial visibility, make data-driven decisions, and enhance overall performance.

Hyperion Planning

A comprehensive planning and budgeting application that facilitates collaborative planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes across the organization.

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

A financial consolidation and reporting application that helps organizations consolidate financial data from multiple sources and generate accurate financial reports.

Hyperion Essbase

An online analytical processing server that enables multidimensional business data analysis, allowing users to perform complex financial modeling and analysis.

Hyperion Data Relationship Management (DRM)

A master data management tool that helps maintain consistency and control over financial and operational hierarchies, dimensions, and attributes.

Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM)

Streamlines the financial close process, ensuring a timely and efficient close cycle.

Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM)

Calculates and analyzes product, customer, and channel profitability, helping businesses identify opportunities for cost optimization

Hyperion Tax Provision

Automates the tax provision and reporting process, ensuring accurate and timely tax reporting

Hyperion Strategic Finance

A financial modeling and forecasting application for long-term financial planning and scenario analysis.

Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2 - Key Highlights

Oracle recently released the long-awaited Oracle EPM 11.2 version, and though at first glance, 11.2 may appear similar to, a closer look reveals several significant differences between the two versions.

The 11.2 release was anticipated to arrive sooner, and although it was expected to achieve “cloud parity,” the focus shifted towards “new operating system support.” Oracle has been pushing customers towards the cloud, making on-premise EPM somewhat of an afterthought, evident in the inclusion of Essbase instead of an 11.2 version.

Operating System and Database Support

Unlike the release, which was limited to Windows Server 2012 R2, 11.2 supports Windows Server 2019 only, skipping Windows Server 2016. Initially, 11.2 will not support Linux, but compatibility is expected. For databases, 11.2 supports Oracle, Oracle, and Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2+) is supported.

Hyperion 11.2 Upgrade Path

The supported upgrade path to 11.2 is from versions or Older versions ( and prior) must upgrade to before moving to 11.2. However, upgrading from requires considerations, especially for EPMA applications, which must be converted back to classic applications. Reporting and Analysis Framework underwent significant changes, impacting report migrations from

New Planning Modules

With the release 11.2, the Planning modules for Workforce, Capex, and Projects are no longer available for new implementations. Existing modules can be migrated to 11.2 but will be considered custom plan types without future updates.


EPM version 11.2 utilizes Essbase version, Oracle Hyperion Provider Services Release, and Oracle Hyperion Essbase Administration Services The eventual plan is to roll out Essbase 19c, which may take time due to the required changes.

User Experience

The end-user interface in 11.2 closely resembles, as the focus was on modern operating systems and security rather than introducing new functionality.

Enhanced Security

Security was a priority in 11.2, with upgrades to Java and Weblogic versions and built-in support for Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2).

Continuous Innovation on Hyperion EPM 11.2

Oracle has adopted a “Continuous Innovation” release model for Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2, offering regular updates to applications and the underlying technology stack without necessitating a significant upgrade. Furthermore, 11.2 serves as the long-term support release for the Oracle Hyperion EPM suite, ensuring Oracle Premier Support until at least 2033. With the introduction of Continuous Innovation to Oracle Hyperion EPM System 11.2, customers can expect the following benefits:

Ongoing Applications Updates

Regular updates to the Oracle Hyperion EPM System 11.2 applications code, similar to the updates are provided on an annual basis. These updates will be cumulative, combining new features and bug fixes into a consolidated patch set that can be easily applied using O-Patch.

Ongoing Technology Stack Updates

Continuous updates are rolled out to refresh the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies that underlie the Oracle Hyperion EPM System. These updates allow customers to obtain new versions of the technology stack without upgrading the Oracle Hyperion EPM System applications code.


Oracle Hyperion 11.2 upgrade offers a path forward with better compliance and vendor support, but it may not provide significant new features for users. The similarity with could mean fewer product-specific bugs, enabling quicker adoption and retiring of old hardware and unsupported software.

Hyperion 11.2 Upgrade Services

Rite Software provides expert consulting to help organizations upgrade older versions of their Oracle Hyperion EPM to a more recent release, which may include application and underlying technology stack updates. With our best-practice-driven approach to Hyperion 11.2 upgrade, we will become a trusted partner in your Hyperion modernization journey – from the early stages of defining a roadmap to future upgrades, cloud migration, maintenance, and support.

Oracle Hyperion Migration to EPM Cloud

Free yourself from the responsibilities of maintaining, upgrading, and securing on-premise applications by opting for Oracle Hyperion Migration to Oracle EPM Cloud. Oracle provides quarterly software updates, granting you access to the latest features and advanced capabilities powered by AI & ML.

With a migration approach guided by best practices and extensive experience in Oracle EPM Cloud services, Rite Software can be a reliable partner throughout your migration journey.

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