Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Oracle APEX?

  • September 29, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On September 29, 2022
Oracle Application Express (APEX) empowers developers to quickly build compelling apps with superior functionality, performance, and end-user experience. To achieve this, Oracle APEX eliminates several complexities of developing and deploying enterprise applications. Here are a few reasons why selecting Oracle APEX Cloud Services makes sense for your development projects.

Eliminate Complexity

Oracle APEX eliminates the unnecessary complexity of developing and deploying applications at all layers. It results in a low-code platform that is simpler, faster, lighter, and less expensive than its alternatives. Low-code application development reduces the amount of code required to build applications and eliminates complexity in all layers.

Oracle APEX eliminates:
  • The mapping between relational and application objects
  • Remote procedure call complexity
  • The proliferation of database connections
  • Middle-tier application logic
  • The complexity of high availability and disaster recovery

Simplify Development

Oracle APEX is easy to learn and use. Oracle Application Builder provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface that guides you through application creation. With limited coding, you can use Oracle APEX to add high functionality to your applications.

It is data-driven, and development begins with a spreadsheet or data model. You can develop applications in a low-code, web-based environment where 98% of the coding is eliminated. Typically, middle-tier apps define application data structures to manage data flow between applications and databases. Oracle APEX cloud services eliminate this complexity. You can also eliminate the need for remote APIs in most use cases.

Powerful and Proven

Oracle APEX cloud services can be used to build various apps for any industry – from the most straightforward app that makes a spreadsheet web-friendly to mission-critical apps used regularly by your end-users. Oracle APEX provides an elegant architecture that can be used to power a number of applications across the world.

Improve Security

Oracle APEX is designed to build highly secure web applications out of the box. With web and security standards evolving constantly, and the increasing threat of hackers, focusing on security ensures that your applications and data stay safe and up-to-date.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploying both the application and the data in the database is dramatically simpler in Oracle APEX cloud services compared to middle-tier applications. You can run it anywhere – on Oracle Cloud Applications, on-premises, or wherever an Oracle Database exists. Deploy your Oracle APEX apps across any environment – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid- easily.

Reduce Costs

Running an application in the database seems heavy and expensive, but on the contrary, it is light and lowers costs. Running apps on Oracle APEX consumes much fewer resources than middle-tier applications. It is serverless, and the runtime application state is stored in tables so connections can be reused across users. It results in far fewer connections, and each connection is lightweight. Additionally, Autoscale on Autonomous Database removes the need to scale in middle-tiers. The result is that Oracle APEX applications require fewer database resources and 100x less mid-tier hardware resources when compared to middle-tier applications.

Benefits of Oracle APEX

For existing Oracle Database customers

You can use Oracle APEX to build useful, scalable apps. Even with a basic knowledge of SQL, you can be highly productive and produce applications that would have previously required a full-stack developer.

For Oracle Forms customers

With knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, you can easily create modern web applications using Oracle APEX. You can quickly adapt to the new experience and reuse your existing SQL and PL/SQL.

For line-of-business applications

Oracle APEX is used for business applications by several customers worldwide because it’s easy to start and provides a feature-rich application development environment to build any application you need. Several Oracle APEX service partners provide APEX consulting services to simplify your transition.

For professional full-stack developers

Full stack developers often spend time developing and maintaining the “plumbing” needed for a web application. Oracle APEX manages all the mundane aspects of web application development, allowing you to focus on business requirements and spend less time managing infrastructure.

For Oracle DBAs

You can easily understand Oracle APEX cloud services’ simple and reliable architecture. Oracle DBAs can use SQL and Oracle APEX cloud services to create unique applications – from building stunning visualizations to creating intuitive reports and dashboards.

For Architects and CIOs

Information assets are typically scattered across the organization. You can use Oracle APEX integrated systems to consolidate these fragmented applications on an enterprise-ready Oracle Database using Oracle APEX cloud services. You can also audit, secure, monitor, and share these assets. It is already included with your Oracle Database, so there are no additional costs.

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