What are the Top Benefits of Power BI for Your Business?

  • September 2, 2022
  • Jhansi Rani
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Published On September 2, 2022
As businesses grow and expand, managing large amounts of data can become increasingly challenging, making analytics a critical component for success. Furthermore, siloed reporting structures across enterprises create a situation where key decision-makers are forced to make decisions based on inadequate data and insights. An effective BI analytics solution can help you discover hidden insights, make data-driven recommendations, and support informed decision-making.
Microsoft Power BI is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based BI analytics solutions that can help you create and share interactive data visualizations across the enterprise while meeting your compliance and regulation needs. It requires no upfront capital expenditure or infrastructure support, regardless of the size of your organization. The latest versions are free from the constraints of legacy software, and its users don’t need specialized training to generate insights.

Benefits of Power BI

Deliver self-service analytics

Foster a data-driven culture across your business by delivering powerful BI analytics solutions and capabilities to everyone – including business users and top management – using Power BI Desktop (free) and Power BI Pro (paid subscription per user per month). Empower users of varying abilities and experience levels to analyze data and discover their insights with the ability to query data and ask questions in natural language.

Get automatic updates

Get automatic updates on a weekly or monthly basis that enhance the features and capabilities of your Power BI solution. These updates are based on thousands of user suggestions submitted annually from over half a million global community members. Your IT teams can focus on analyzing data and delivering valuable insights instead of spending time and effort on routine upgrades and maintenance activities.

Unify enterprise and self-service analytics

Meet your data and self-service analytics needs with a single BI analytics solution for IT and business users. Use Power BI and Azure to connect, combine, and analyze all your business information, generate more profound insights, and turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Integrate easily with Microsoft Excel

Combine Excel with Power BI to get comprehensive data analytics and visualization capabilities. Easily connect your Excel data to Power BI, helping to gather, analyze, publish quickly, and share business data from multiple sources. Display a wide range of data, tables, charts, and graphs on a Power BI dashboard.

Leverage AI capabilities

Take advantage of advanced Microsoft AI capabilities to empower business users and citizen data scientists to prepare and enrich data, build machine learning models, and quickly discover insights from structured and unstructured data sets, including text and images. A comprehensive partner network of Power BI consulting services providers can help you quickly leverage the complete capabilities of Power BI and deploy AI into your business processes.

Improve efficiency and accuracy

Combine Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate using the Microsoft Power Platform to automate workflows and build business applications efficiently. Quickly identify irregularities and confidently move content from development and testing to production using simple visual cues in deployment pipelines. Stream analytics in real-time, from IoT sensor data to social media data, so you’re always ready to make decisions.

Integrate easily with other applications

Power BI integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise applications, providing analytics and reporting capabilities across multiple data sources. You can create personalized information dashboards, which can be customized to meet your unique needs. You can easily embed these dashboards into your applications and provide a unified user experience.

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